Top 12 Scary Roblox Games (2023)

With millions of players worldwide, Roblox offers a captivating and diverse collection of games that cater to every interest and passion. Ever since its inception in 2006, Roblox has garnered immense popularity, drawing players of all ages into its diverse and accessible platform.

With its availability on various devices and an extensive library of user-created games, Roblox has captured the hearts of millions worldwide.

While often associated with the younger audience, Roblox offers a variety of scary games, designed to ignite a thrilling sense of fear. In this article, we delve into the world of scary Roblox games, where we will uncover 12 of the scariest game on the Roblox platform. So, gather your courage as we explore the world of scary Roblox games.

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Top 12 Scary Roblox Games

● Horror Tycoon


Horror Tycoon is one of the best scary games yet an exciting game on Roblox, where your goal is to build your own horror emporium by acquiring and displaying various horror characters.

Better explained, in Horror Tycoon, you’re not just facing your fears; but also building them by constructing your very own haunted house filled with terrifying attractions. Additionally, you can fight other horror characters for more cash, and use the currency earned to purchase weapons and upgrades.

● Project Lazarus: Zombies

Roblox Project Lazarus: 5 Types of Players You Love to Hate

Project Lazarus: Zombies offers a survival shooter experience in a zombie apocalypse setting. Instead of hiding, players are armed with deadly weapons to cooperate or join forces with other players to fight off the zombies on sight.

If you are a fan of scary Roblox games and haven’t tried out Project Lazarus: Zombies, you are missing big time!

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● The Haunted Imperial Hotel

The Haunted Imperial hotel By bobulator [Roblox]

Moving on we have The Haunted Imperial Hotel. The Haunted Imperial Hotel is a horror exploration game where players enter a nightmare realm between the living and the dead.

In the game, players navigate through a ghost haunted house that is on the verge of collapse, avoiding enemies and traps while completing quests.

The abandoned hotel, known for its mysterious and unexplained deaths, provides a creepy and mysterious atmosphere. Can you escape their clutches and survive the night?

● Alone In The Dark House

ROBLOX - Alone In A Dark House - Full Walkthrough

Get ready for a heart-pounding, nerve-wracking experience as you find yourself Alone in a Dark House. Alone in a Dark House lets players become private investigators who join forces to investigate an abandoned house.

With no one to rely on but your skill, you must navigate through tunnels of terror, solve cryptic puzzles, and unravel the haunting mysteries of a serial killer searching for their next victim.

But beware, for something sinister is watching your every move, and the darkness holds unimaginable horrors. With jump scares and unique environments, this game ranks among the scariest on Roblox.

● Dead Silence

ROBLOX | Dead Silence | Full Walkthrough

Dead Silence, based on the horror film, puts players in the role of an investigator tasked with unraveling the disappearance of a murder. In the game, you step into a world nightmare where an ancient curse looms.

As you progress, you’ll find yourself entangled in a web of supernatural terror that threatens your very soul. The game features a terrifying and haunting gameplay experience. Hence, it’s one of the best scary games on Roblox.

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● Insane Elevator


Insane Elevator offers a less intense horror experience suitable for players of all ages. Players enter an elevator for a chance to win rewards while encountering various nightmarish scenarios.

Each floor presents a horror experience, from encountering monstrous creatures to solving puzzles under intense time pressure. Insane Elevator challenges players to survive multiple levels and complete challenges. Can you take this challenge and survive?

● Geisha

ROBLOX - Geisha - Chapter 1 - Part 1 and 2 - Full Walkthrough

Prepare to be stalked by the vengeful spirit of a vengeful geisha in this spine-chilling horror game. In Geisha, you find yourself trapped in a haunted Japanese mansion, pursued by a malevolent entity.

With its eerie atmosphere and relentless pursuit, this game will keep you on the edge of your seat as you try to escape the ghostly clutches of the Geisha.

Geisha Chapter 2 - Part 1 & 2 (Full Walkthrough) - Roblox

WOOH, I have a goosebump!

● Survive the Killer!


It’s a battle of life and death in Survive the Killer! Survive the Killer allows players to choose between being survivors or killers. Play as either a cunning killer or a terrified survivor in this thrilling game.

As the killer, you must hunt down and eliminate as many targets as possible, while the survivors must run, hide and escape from the killer. This popular horror game offers a thrilling and exciting adventure, and the suspense and adrenaline will keep you coming back for more.

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● Zombie Attack


Zombie Attack is a wave-based zombie shooting game where players team up to fight hordes of zombies. In the game, players arm themselves, team up with other players, and prepare to defend against wave after wave of flesh-eating zombies.

Survivors gain access to new powerful weapons, defense upgrades, and combat options while progressing through multiple waves, facing rare zombies and challenging bosses. Unfortunately, only the bravest and most skilled will make it out alive.

● The Mirror

ROBLOX: The Mirror...

In this Roblox game, your reflection is your worst enemy. The Mirror capitalizes on the fear associated with mirrors, taking place in an underground location filled with mysterious mirrors.

Players must navigate through the area, solve puzzles and discover the secrets hidden within the mirrors. As the line between reality and nightmare blurs, can you break free from the grip of the mirror’s sinister influence?

● Midnight Horrors


Next on our list is the Midnight Horrors. Midnight Horror stands out with its vast selection of unique monsters, offering a variety of terrifying challenges to encounter.

In Midnight Horrors, you’ll navigate through a series of eerie/mysterious environments, encountering terrifying creatures and solving riddles along the way. With its atmospheric ambiance and spine-chilling gameplay, this game is sure to keep you up at night with terror.

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● It Lurks!

Roblox IT LURKS is terrifying.. (Full Game)

The last on our list is the popular suspenseful game on Roblox, It Lurks. It Lurks is a single-player horror game that begins at home, with the player experiencing the perspective of a child.

In this game, you find yourself in a desolate, abandoned location, unaware of the lurking evil that surrounds you. With limited resources and a sense of impending doom, you must unravel the mysteries, evade the lurking entity, and survive the nightmarish ordeal.  With over 1 million visits, it’s sure one of the scary games on Roblox.

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In Conclusion

As we reach the end of our spine-chilling expedition through the realm of scary Roblox games, it becomes clear that the boundary-pushing creativity of Roblox developers knows no bounds.

The top 12 games we’ve explored have transported us to nightmarish landscapes, filled our hearts with suspense, and left us craving for more adrenaline-inducing encounters.

From Horror Tycoon to It Lurks, each game has offered a unique and horrifying experience. But it is not just the scare factor that makes these games captivating. Scary Roblox games are a testament to the immersive nature of gaming, pushing the boundaries of storytelling and interactivity.

If you’re a fan of scary games, Roblox has the perfect scary experience waiting for you. So, get ready to embrace these captivating games that will keep you entertained and scared.

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