Saitama Battlegrounds Character Wiki

Saitama Battlegrounds has made a mark in the gaming community as gamers from all over the world love it for its exciting gameplay and the characters it offers.

Guiding Saitama Battlegrounds is like stepping into the ring with Guilty Gear or Street Fighter, and to be honest, not everyone’s a pro at any of these.

Sometimes, you may see yourself opting for the bowling minigame in Tekken instead. In this guide, we’ll do a walk-through of the current characters In Saitama Battlegrounds, and you will learn about their move and many more.


Let’s dive In.

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1. Saitama

Bald Hero


In the game, we’ve got this character called Bald Hero, also known as Saitama. He’s the first one you’ll come across, and he is the best character In the game.

Normal PunchThrows a punch; damage and knockback based on distance (20%~29% damage)Normal Punchie
Consecutive Normal PunchesBarrage of punches (15% damage)Borrage
Normal ShovePowerful shove with great knockback, used as a combo extender (9% damage)Shove
Normal UppercutUppercut with great knockback, used as a combo extender (16% damage)Hadouken
Serious ModeSaitama cracks knuckles, changes loadout, and gains 2 new skillsSerious
Death CounterEnters a counter stance lasting 10 seconds; counters one-shots with a massive shockwaveCounter
Table FlipLifts the ground towards the sky, potentially one-shotting everyone; slows nearby opponentsTable

2. Garou


Garou came out as the second character in the game. He’s good for dealing damage, especially when you’re taking hits. What makes him useful is that he can dish out a lot of damage quickly, and his abilities have a short cooldown.


Flowing WaterGrabs a target and barrages them while moving. Finishing damages others in a close radius.26%
Lethal Whirlwind StreamGrabs a target, drags them across the floor at great speed. Finishing sends the target upwards, damaging anyone nearby.18%
Hunter's GraspGrabs a target and throws them. Great for combo extenders or canceling ragdolls. Can be used to throw the target at someone, damaging them.8%
Prey's PerilEnter a counter stance for 0.5~1 seconds. Upon countering, he barrages and throws the target at a great distance.23%
Rage ModeSmashes the ground, damaging anyone around (20%). Has great range and knockback, providing an aura until the duration expires.20%
Water Stream Rock SmashingDoes a barrage, smashing the target on the floor.26%
The Final HuntThrows the target in the air and smashes them into the ground, damaging anyone nearby.45%
Hunter's CrueltySimilar to Hunter’s Grasp, pummel the target into the ground three consecutive times.26%
Doomed PreySimilar to Prey’s Peril, it smashes the target to the ground instead of throwing them.30%

3. Genos


Genos is the third character introduced in the game. He’s a mix of long and short-range attacks, and the downside is his moves take a bit of time to wind up, which makes him open to interruption.

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However, the trick is to keep a safe distance or stun the opponent to avoid that vulnerability. Certainly, here’s the information presented in a table format:

Machine Gun BlowsGeno launches a relentless barrage, concluding with two hits, the final being a high kick that propels the enemy into the air (21% damage).21%
Ignition BurstA swift Long Jet Burst mimicking a dash. If double-clicked, it triggers an AoE explosion from your arms with substantial knockback. Can be used mid-air for enhanced mobility (8% damage).8%
Blitz ShotGeno charges up a potent long-range shot. Notably, it can be executed mid-air, delivering efficient knockback (25% damage on the ground, 15% damage in the air).25% on the ground, 15% in the air
Jet DiveGeno leaps into the air and descends, creating a circular explosion that throws anyone within its reach into the air (20% damage).20%
Energy OverdriveN/AN/A

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