Rush Royale Tier List: 5 Decks That Beginners Should Go For

This post lists some of the best decks In Rush Royale that beginners can use to enhance their adventure. In Rush Royale, the whole deal is guarding your castle with a deck of special warrior cards.

Each card has its skills and power. Your mission is to put together the most powerful team of tower defenders, mix them up to level them up, and improve your deck.

However, as a beginner, It can be tough to pick the best deck for your adventure, and that’s why I have put together a list of the best deck you can use.


Let’s dive In.

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Best Deck For Beginners In Rush Royale

1. Ivy

Ivy is an epic card almost every beginner starts with, and they have proven to be one of the best decks In the game with amazing abilities.

Ivy’s main deal is tossing seeds around, and these seeds are no joke. They keep on dealing damage over time. And the damage gets juiced up if a monster has more of the toxic flowers.

Ivy’s flowers go out with a bang, poisoning nearby monsters. Its damage depends on how flowery the defeated monster is.


Also, Ivy isn’t shy about her seed supply as she can throw a maximum of 40 seeds into the mix. Those seeds are tiny green bombs raining down on the monsters.

At level 7, Ivy’s damage is a bit of a mystery, but her Venom Damage is 46, and she deals 126 Area Damage. Her Morale is 1.7, that’s her fighting spirit.

As Ivy levels up, her numbers get more impressive. At level 15, she’s throwing seeds with 162 Damage, 153 Venom Damage, and 270 Area Damage.


2. Catapult

Catapult is one of the best decks any newbie can use even though pro players still use It. These decks are the archers of the support squad as they do not dive into the thick of battle but strategically attack the first target from a safe distance.

Catapult is all about the projectile it hurls. This is a game-changer. The strong shot deals damage and adds stunning effects to enemies in the surrounding area.

However, merging doesn’t transform its role; it improves the attack speed. They just do it faster and more efficiently. In addition, at level 5, Catapult delivers 331 damage with a morale of 2.0.


As it levels up, the numbers climb, reaching 810 damage at level 13. You can tell that Catapult knows its worth on the battlefield. A bit of mystery covers level 12, especially when it comes to damage.

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3. Cold Mage

The Cold Mage focuses on the very first target they encounter on the path. They’ve got abilities that make sure that the frontline gets the full force of their attacks.


As the Cold Mage moves away, monsters in their icy form start to slow down. The Cold Mage can slow monsters by up to 50%, which is a game-changer when you’re dealing with a horde on the move.

Once the slowing effect hits 50%, the Cold Mage casually switches to the next target in line. Then, at level 1, the Cold Mage may not be loaded in terms of damage, but it’s got a 5.0% slowing effect.

As it levels up, the attack interval shortens, the damage increases, and that slowing effect becomes more powerful. For instance, at level 8, the Cold Mage deals 33 damage with an attack interval of 1.36 seconds.


Meanwhile, it’s slowing down monsters by 8.5%. As you keep leveling up, the Cold Mage becomes a frosty force to be reckoned with, dealing more damage, attacking faster, and decompressing monsters to the bone with an impressive 12.0% slowing effect at level 15.

4. Crystalmancer

When it comes to damage, the Crystalmancer has a strategy, and it’s a series of blows on the same target. However, once he switches to a new target, his damage boost resets, so he’s most effective when focusing on one enemy, making each strike count.

Sometimes, it’s not about hitting harder, you also need to swing faster. A merge rank 3 Crystalmancer attacks three times faster than a merge rank 1, like upgrading his attack speed.


At level 10, the Crystalmancer deals 74 damage with a morale of 7.0. Moving up to level 13, his damage is 64, and his morale climbs to 8.5.

If you want your Crystalmancer to be more powerful, level him up because as he grows, so does his damage output, unlocking new levels of pain for your opponents.

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5. Bombardier

Bombardier is your go-to guy for the front lines, aiming to stun enemies and disrupt their plans right from the start. He also focuses his attacks on the very first target that crosses his path.

When he launched his attack, there’s a chance he may stun his target. However, Bombardier’s not too keen on overdoing it.

If he stuns a target once, the possibility of stunning the same one again drops significantly. At level 1, Bombardier’s dishing out 33 damage, with a stun chance of 4%.


If he manages to stun it, it lasts for 3 seconds. Morale-wise, he’s flowing at 1.25. That said, As Bombardier levels up, he becomes more formidable. At level 15, he’s loading with 143 damage, a stun chance of 18%, and a stun duration of 5.8 seconds.

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