Rush Royale Items, Fragments, and Crafting Guide

This is a comprehensive guide to Items, Fragments, and Crafting In Rush Royale. In this guide, you will learn:

  • Benefits of Items In Rush Royale
  • Where to find fragments, and craft Items In Rush Royale
  • How you can get heroic Items In Rush Royale

And lots more. Let’s dive In.

What Are Items In Rush Royale?

In Rush Royale, items are hidden gems that make you stronger, and tougher. They improve everything from the punches you throw to the magic spells you cast.

However, they’re divided into three categories: Weapons, Armor, and Amulets. Each of them does something special, like making your attacks hit harder or giving you extra mana for killing the enemy.

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There’s this mysterious fourth slot that’s currently off-limits, maybe a future gaming surprise? These items come in different rarities.

The rarer your item, the more kick it adds, especially against specific factions in the game. That said, you can level up your items.

To do that, you need two things: item fragments and a bit of gold. Collect enough fragments for your specific item slot, toss in some gold, and your item levels up. But beware, the rarer and higher the level of your item, the more fragments and gold it desires.


Why Do Items Matter In Your Rush Royale Adventure?

To unlock the power of items, you need decent crit damage (that’s how hard you hit when you score a critical hit) and backed-up units.

The magic number is around 1000% crit damage. Once you hit this milestone, your items step up their game and start throwing serious punches in every battle.

You won’t grasp the full impact until you see it in action. Assume Unit X, your warrior, attacking every second, throws in some items, +25% Damage, and +25% Attack Speed.


At Level 7, without items, Unit X deals 1000 damage in 10 seconds. But slap on those items, and suddenly it’s dealing 1663 damage.

The crit damage goes from 5000 to a whopping 8313. That’s the power of smart item use. Moving to Level 13, the numbers get even crazier.

Without items, your damage is decent. With items, you’re practically raining destruction on your enemies. However, if your units are low-level or your critical strike rating is in the gutter, your items won’t work their magic.


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How Do You Craft Items In Rush Royale?

To craft items, you’ve got to gather 200 item fragments of the specific slot you want to upgrade. These fragments are the building blocks of your ultimate weapon.

Once you’ve got that sorted, all you need is a bit of gold too. Where do you get these fragments? There are Career Quest Rewards.


It’s your in-game job paying off with extra bonuses. Complete the quests, and you may just find the fragments you need in your reward bag.

Then there’s the Rhandum Roulette. And if you are a confident player, open the Rare Hero’s Chest, and who knows, you may discover the exact fragments you’ve been dreaming of.

Also, the Season Pass Rewards. Reach those milestones, and you’ll be swimming in fragments. And Event Rewards too. Participate in special in-game events, give it your all, and fragments will roll in.


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How You Can Get Heroic Items In Rush Royale?

Heroic Items in Rush Royale are legendary Items that offer a power boost that can turn the tide in your favor. They boost your favorite character to a hero level.

However, to catch one of these items, you’ll need to unlock the Heroic Items Chest. And it demands 50 Heroic tokens. Heroic tokens don’t grow on trees.


You can only get your hands on them through the Heroic Tavern, and there’s a limited store available until the Heroic Tavern hits the reset button. There’s a specific number of times you can dip into its rewards until it decides to take a break.

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