Rush Royale Factions Guide and Blessings List

In the recent update of Rush Royale (version 6.0), they introduced something called factions. Factions are groups of units that belong to a set of characters in the game.

However, there are different factions, and they are Forest Alliance, Magic Council, Technogenic Society, Kingdom of Light, and Dark Domain.

What these factions do Involves two things: Faction Blessings and faction cores. ​Without further ado, let’s dive Into the full gist.


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Faction Blessings In Rush Royale

Faction blessings have been shaking up the Rush Royale game, and It has been a game-changer, keeping your adventure fresh, and exciting.

Some blessings cheer you on when you go all-in with units from the same faction. Take Ezoic, for example. If you load up with 5 units from the chosen faction, your mana generation shoots up by 75%.


It’s a boost for your gameplay. Then there are the blessings that zero in on specific units in your preferred faction. Let’s assume that your selected faction’s units get a rank upgrade every 60 seconds.

I mean, who wouldn’t want their Thunderer reaching new heights? It’s a game-changer. However, not every week is a blessing bonanza.

Sometimes, it’s the calm before the storm, and you’re back to the OG meta decks. That’s when knowing which blessing is in play becomes your hidden weapon.


It’s like having the cheat codes to know if your favorite decks are in superhero mode or need a bit of TLC. Then again, don’t just stick to your go-to decks. You can also hold the chaos of Faction Blessings.

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List of Blessings In Rush Royale

In Rush Royale, you’ve got 9 Blessings up for grabs, and they’re handed out like a deck of cards on shuffle.


  • Acceleration
  • Blessings of the Week
  • Cashback
  • Critical Blessing
  • Evolution
  • Faction Blessings
  • Headhunting
  • Multiplication
  • Starting Mana

Fraction Cores In Rush Royale

If you have ever wondered how you can obtain more abilities In Rush Royala to make your units much stronger, now, you have fraction cores.

However, to discover those amazing abilities, you have to climb your unit. How? Using Faction Cores. The number you need depends on two things: how rare your unit is (common, rare, epic, legendary) and what level you’re climbing to (9, 11, 13, 15).

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It is more like you leveling up your character but in tower defense style. The rarer and higher level you’re aiming for, the more Faction Cores you’ll need.

If you ask me, It is worth it. But where do you get these Faction Cores? There’s the season pass, your go-to for some rewards.

Climb the ladder, and you may just catch some Faction Cores along the way. Just keep an eye out for those special offers too as they often come with a store of Faction Cores.


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