Rush Royale Engineer Bombardier Deck For Arena 7+

The Engineer is a powerful unit that targets and attacks the first enemy it encounters. When linked to another Engineer, their combined firepower increases.

Also, when two Engineers are connected, you’ll notice the gears on their guns starting to spin. Connect six or more Engineers, and those gears start to glow.

The merge Is a boost button for their attack speed. The higher the merge level, the faster they can unleash attacks. For instance, a merge rank 3 Engineer can shoot three times faster than a merge rank 1 Engineer.


However, If you’re playing In arena 7+, you’ve got Bombardier, Vampire, Engineer, Ice Mage, and Portal Keeper. These are the perfect engineer decks for you.

But In this post, I will only be discussing the Engineer Bombardier Deck, and you will learn how you can use it effectively against the boss battles.

Let’s dive In.


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Why Engineer Bombardier For Arena 7+?

The Engineer Bombardier deck should be your go-to strategy to tackle tough challenges for Arena 7 and beyond. However, we’ve swapped out Chemist for Bombardier which has proven to be a simple change, but a big impact.

Instead of dealing with damage reduction, now you’ve got a stunning move. And that’s a game-changer, especially when you’re facing those boss battles.


The Bombardier steps in stuns the boss, and opens the door for your Engineers to hit harder. It’s a tag team move that can make a difference in your adventure.

If your damage output isn’t that good, enemies will start piling up. The stun helps, no doubt, but it’s not guaranteed. You’ve got to be on your toes.

If you can’t clear out the crowd in time, the next boss comes in with a whole lot of health. It’s the risk you take for relying on the stun.


You’re balancing using the stun to your advantage and ensuring your damage game is strong enough. Sometimes, that stun is your hero, buying you extra time. Other times, it’s a reminder that timing is everything in the chaos of Arena 7+.

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How You Can Effectively Use Bombardier In Boss Battles?

Each Bombardier is like a mini hero on a mission, their job is to focus on the first enemy they see, hitting them until they’re stunned.


Once that enemy is taken care of, they move on to the next one that hasn’t felt the stun yet. But this is very important, don’t put all your faith in Bombardiers to clear out the whole tide.

They’re keen on stunning the not-stunned rivals, which is great, but they may leave the ones already stunned (and still kicking) to cause you trouble.

That’s where having a backup damage dealer comes in handy. In this deck, your helper is the Engineer as the bombardier and the Engineer makes a fiery duo, ensuring that while one stuns, the other deals damage.


You need both players for a solid performance. However, the Bombardier only has a chance to stun, but not secure. That’s why you can be a bit daring and have a bunch of Bombardiers out there simultaneously without breaking the bank.

Especially in the early tides, always keep an Engineer or another solid damage dealer by your side. Bombardiers may be the stun experts, but they need a partner in crime to finish the job and keep those tides in check.

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