Rush Royale Clan Tournament Guide

This is a comprehensive guide to the Rush Royale Clan Tournament. If you have heard about Clan Tournaments but you are not sure where to start. Let’s dive In.

What Is The Clan Tournament?

The clan tournament is a week-long race where your clan competes against four others, and the goal is to conquer the Road of Challenges and snatch up glory points.

The first clan to hit 65,000 glory points takes home the victory. However, if no clan manages to reach the end of the Road of Challenges, everyone misses out on the best reward.

It’s a tough crowd, and no legendaries for anyone. So, the pressure’s on to get that glory. But before you dive in, there’s a checkpoint.


You need at least 20 clan members who’ve strutted their stuff in Arena 5 with 1000 trophies. However, every day of the tournament, you get your hands on 3-6 sandals.

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How many sandals you catch depends on your reputation, it’s your in-game street cred. These sandals are gold because you can’t grab them any other way except waiting for the daily reset.


You wake up, check your sandals store, and gear up for the battles ahead. Talking of battles, winning them is the name of the game. Each victory piles up glory points, dragging your clan closer to the 65,000-point finish line.

Battles In Clan Tournament

Your main job during the Clan Tournament is battling it out using your sandals. These battles are the backbone of the whole tournament.

Every day, you go into the arena, with sandals on. However, each day’s battle increases the number of credit points. The last day, that’s the jackpot day, where your wins are worth the most.


Here’s a glimpse of how the points stack up:

  • Day 1: 30 points per win (starting small)
  • Day 2: 36 points per win (picking up the pace)
  • Day 3: 42 points per win (getting serious)
  • Day 4: 48 points per win (gaining momentum)
  • Day 5: 60 points per win (here comes the big league)
  • Day 6: 120 points per win (doubling down)
  • Day 7: 180 points per win (grand finale)

Then again, your league also plays a role. The higher you climb on the PVP ladder, the better. Leagues add a multiplier to your points:

  • League 1 (4000 trophies): x2 points
  • League 5 (5300 trophies): x2.5 points
  • League 10 (7000 trophies): x3 points

So buddies, the strategy is clear, climb that PVP ladder like a champ, then dive into the Clan Tournament for the max points gain.


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Attack In Clan Tournament

A clan attack is like putting a barricade in front of another clan on the Road of Challenges. But how do you do it? Just diving into a PvE mode that’s much like the Co-op mode.

You’re not fighting real players, you’re taking on waves of bosses and monsters. However, if you successfully beat this PvE challenge, you not only get bragging rights but also land a hit on the defense of the clan member you defeated.


The end game here is to be the wrecking ball for all the opposing clans. You’re on a mission to crumble their defenses like a house of cards.

It’s a Clan Tournament business. In the first 24 hours of the tournament, you can’t attack, and nobody can attack you. So, use that time wisely, maybe practice your moves or strategize with your clan mates.

When the 24 hours are up, it’s game on. Unleash your attacks, disrupt those defenses, and aim to be the top dog on the Road of Challenges.


Defense In Clan Tournament

Each boss in your clan faces loads of energy, and the secret to their strength is in the clan member who puts them on the frontline.

You have your team of warriors, and the boss they place determines how tough the battle gets. However, these bosses aren’t static.

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They’re not stuck in one power level. They can level up by catching those boss cards that pop up in the shop. And you’re not limited to just a few bosses.

You can roll out 12 of them. That’s having a whole squadron ready to throw down in the name of your clan. If all your bosses get knocked out, it’s a roadblock for your entire clan.

The adventure down the Road of Challenges comes to a rest. So, you want to make sure your bosses are the A-team, leveled up and ready to rumble.


It’s a bit like a strategy game, you need to plan your moves. Leveling up your bosses is important because it keeps your clan moving down the Road of Challenges.

Healing In Clan Tournament

Healing in the Clan Tournament is like catching your breath after a tough round. When your clan gets a beating, you’ve got to heal up before you can make a comeback.

However, there are two ways to get back on your feet. The first one is the patient approach. After a defeat, there’s a set time you need to chill before your clan can hit the road again.


But, if patience isn’t your strong suit, there’s another route to healing your clan. Two methods to do this: you can run to the shop and catch some potions for crystals, or you can dip into your sandals stash.

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Using crystals to grab potions is a shortcut. It’s quick and easy, but it’s not the only way. In addition, there’s this option to use your sandals to heal.


I’ve got to be honest, it’s not the top choice because sandals are precious gems in this game. Once you use them to heal, they’re gone, and there’s no magic trick to get them back until they reset daily.

Sure, sandals are free, but if you blow them all on healing, you’re left toying with your thumbs until the next reset. And trust me, you’d rather save those sandals for the battles that bag you the points.


Dominating the Rush Royale Clan Tournaments requires a strategic plan. Round up your 20-member crew, lace-up daily sandals, and tackle battles for points.


However, patience is essential after a defeat, wait it out or use crystals for a quick fix. But, don’t blow your sandals on healing; save them for the battles. It’s a week-long race down the Road of Challenges, aiming for 65,000 glory points.

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