Rush Royale Best Deck 2023: Best Meta Deck PVP In Rush Royale

This post provides some of the best meta deck PVP In Rush Royale. If you want to boost your PVP adventure, they are the hottest PvP Decks in Rush Royale for the Magic Council Faction.

Let’s get to the List.

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Best Meta Deck PVP In Rush Royale

1. Mime


The Mime is one of the best meta PVP decks In Rush Royale. It attacks the first target it lays eyes on. However, you can merge It with any other unit of the same merge rank.

When it comes to the Mime’s Card Level, the damage and morale of this special unit depend on its level, starting from level 5 and going all the way up to level 13.


At level 5, the Mime’s damage is a mystery, but it brings 2 morale to the ground. As you climb the levels, both the damage and morale increase.

At level 11, the Mime load attack with 81 damage and 8 morale, and by level 13, it’s making a statement with 115 damage and a solid morale of 10.

The merge rank doesn’t play around with the Mime’s attack power. Unlike other units, where merging might mean more than just a stat boost, the Mime keeps it easy. Merge ranks for the Mime are all about speeding up its attack, nothing more, nothing less.


2. Demon Hunter

Demon Hunter

This legendary unit also has a skill for targeting the first opponent it encounters. Once the Demon Hunter reaches merge ranks 3-6, It attacks more targets based on its merge rank and also gets a speed boost with each merge, 0.05 seconds faster each time

At merge rank 7, the Demon Hunter switches to sniper mode, firing every 3.3 seconds at a single target and immediately killing it.


Not just that, it also pulls out damage to mini-bosses and bosses, chipping away at a percentage of their health. However, the Demon Hunter of the highest merge rank becomes stronger.

The higher the rank, the more damage it deals. And if you’re into boosting that even further, work on increasing the Mana Power up level.

As of patch 14.0, the Demon Hunter has some exceptions. It may start dealing less damage due to various interactions like the Tribunal ability, merging, or getting hit with Shaman merge rank decrease or Bedlam ability.


To avoid this, adhere to leveling up through Dryad and Scrapper ability. And if your Demon Hunter’s rank gets messed up, it may be time to build up another one.

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3. Dryad



Dryad is another legendary support unit that tackles the first target it locks onto. But what happens when you decide to merge this mystical force with another unit?

Unlike some units that may get a complete makeover after merging, the Dryad has made It easy. Merging increases the merge rank of the unit it partners with.

However, the merge rank only improves the attack speed, much like a damaged unit. Starting at level 7, this legendary support unit begins with 28 damage and a morale boost of 3.


As you level up, the damage and morale get a boost, hitting 69 damage and a morale of 7 at level 11. The specifics at levels 10 and 13 remain a puzzle, but that’s part of the anticipation and surprise the game offers.

4. Harlequin

Harlequin is a special one, and it means business when it comes to targeting. Much like the Mime, the Harlequin has a thing for attacking the first target it encounters on the battlefield.

Now, merging the Harlequin adds a touch of magic to your deck. Far apart from some units where merging can lead to a different creature altogether, the Harlequin has a unique move, it creates a copy of any unit with the same merge rank.


I fancy the card-level states too. At level 7, it starts with 42 damage and a morale boost of 3, and as you climb the levels, the Harlequin becomes deadlier.

Take a look at level 11, it hits with 89 damage and boosts morale by 7. But at certain levels, the damage and morale are left for you to uncover which keeps you on your toes. Just like its special ability to copy units, the Harlequin merge ranks like a speed booster for its attacks.

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5. Summoner


The Summoner is a great unit, and It also targets the first opponent it sees. However, when you decide to merge this powerful unit, it doesn’t just improve its powers.

It goes further and summons a random unit to a free tile on the battlefield. The Summoner’s Card Level, starting at level 7 and climbing up to level 13, this support unit fires out both damage and morale boosts.


At level 7, it deals a respectable 57 damage and brings 2 morale to the team. As you climb the levels, the Summoner hits 139 damage at level 11 and a morale boost of 6.

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