Rush Royale Beginner Guide (Tips and Tricks)

This is a comprehensive newbie guide to Rush Royale. In this guide, you will learn some simple tips, and tricks to become a pro In the game.

Let’s dive In.

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About Rush Royale

Rush Royale is a TD game you have never played before, pulling you away to the stunning Isle of Rhandum, where tower defense meets magic and devastation.

It’s a gathering unit, and you will be creating a deck to safeguard your base, and immersing yourself in Rush Royale. In this game, you command a team of powerful warriors, each with its unique flair, from keen Archers and crafty Trappers to fierce Bruisers and graceful Blade Dancers.

Combine them wisely, keep an eye on your mana, and devise a clever strategy to fortify your castle defense. And don’t forget your Heroes, they pack the mightiest punches with their powerful abilities.


Also, you will prepare for PvP battles, clash with opponents, and earn trophies as you break through enemy Tower Defense.

However, luck can be inconsistent in TD games, so stick to your strategy, outsmart your foes, and storm their castles with cleverness and cunning.

Tips and Tricks To Become a Pro In Rush Royale

Understand Your Towers

Rush Royale boasts a diverse array of towers, each with its unique set of skills and strengths. To master these towers, it’s essential to understand your towers inside out.


In the first place, the Archer Tower is your foot soldiers on the battlefield. Armed with rapid-fire precision, Archers is good at taking down swarms of smaller foes.

Use them strategically to thin out incoming tides, especially those annoying groups of fast-moving enemies. Also, the Tesla the heavy mortar of your defense.

With its great power, the Tesla packs a punch against both single, tanky enemies and crowded groups. Position it wisely, and watch as it unleashes devastating bolts, turning the tide of battle in your favor.


The fire mage is the spellcaster of your arsenal. Wizards use magical attacks, dealing splash damage to enemies within a radius.

This tower is perfect for handling masses of foes as It impresses when placed to cover multiple lanes which ensures no enemy slips through the cracks.

Understanding your towers also involves recognizing their strengths against different enemy types. For instance, the spirit master with its explosive mortar is highly effective against tougher, armored rivals.


You can use it where you expect a spiral of tanky enemies to make a stand, and witness their resilience crumble before your eyes.

Take the monk, a long-range marksman with a penchant for accuracy. While slower in attack speed, Snipers deal massive damage to individual targets.

You can arrange them to eliminate high threats from a safe distance. In Rush Royale, one of the ways to become a pro lies in knowing which tower to use and when.


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Master The Elemental Advantage

Rush Royale introduces an elemental twist to tower defense. Towers and enemies are aligned with different elements, each with its strengths and weaknesses.

Earth Elemental is your nature defender. Now and then, it tosses small objects at the monsters. These little throws don’t just cause damage but also spread a kind of poison.


The more throws it makes, the stronger the poison becomes. Also, cold elemental has area-of-effect attacks, meaning it can damage multiple enemies at once.

Plus, it deals extra damage to monsters that are under some control effects. When this character attacks, there’s a chance it will throw a crystal every five hits.

This crystal also temporarily paralyzes the monster for a short time. However, the crystal can’t be thrown more frequently than the cooldown time allows.


Craft A Well-Balanced Deck

In Rush Royale, your deck of spell cards is your strategic arsenal. Don’t just throw in cards randomly; craft a deck that complements your tower defense strategy.

The Riding Hood card is one of the best decks In Rush Royale, being a sharpshooter, and dealing piercing damage from a distance.

You can Improve her attack speed and damage through upgrades to make her a force to be reckoned with. Also, the Knight Statue acts as the brave guardian, absorbing damage and shielding more delicate towers.


Position it at the frontline and upgrade it to fortify health and defense, forming an impenetrable barrier against approaching hordes.

The Summoner introduces a magical touch by summoning creatures, diverting attention away from towers, and buying time for strategic moves.

Upgrade the Summoner to summon more potent creatures which could add to its utility against formidable adversaries. The Dryad also plays the role of nature’s healer, restoring the health of towers and allies.


Place it strategically to cover a significant area and boost it to increase healing power that ensures the sustainability of your defense.

The Witch, an arcane unleashes devastating spells against groups of enemies. If you want to get the best of her, set her for maximum impact and boost to improve spellcasting abilities, making her effective against both common foes and tougher adversaries.

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