Rooms And Exits Walkthrough (Full Guide)

Understanding the rooms and exits is crucial in the video game “Mysterious Room Escape Challenge.” Mysteries Room Escape Challenge is a well-known single-player puzzle video game.

In the game, players are challenged to observe, demonstrate, and solve puzzles that help them escape or exit the confined rooms.

In this game, players are confined within a mystery chamber with no obvious way out and left with a wide range of difficult puzzles, including hidden object games, mathematical issues, cracking codes, and more. To unlock the door and make your way out, you must solve puzzles and discover the room’s mysteries.


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To exit these rooms, we’ve outlined how to approach rooms and exit them on various levels of the Mysteries Room Escape Challenge in this article. If you struggle to exit the rooms or find it hard to solve the puzzle, then read this article to the end!

Rooms And Exits Walkthrough

In the Mysteries Room Escape Challenge, you must solve puzzles and track down clues in order to leave each level’s room. Below is a walkthrough on how you can exist at each level:

Level 1 — Warm-up

This level is a warm-up to prepare you for the challenges ahead. However, on this level, there are about three (3) different rooms that you will need to exit.

Room 1

This first room in the Mysterious Room Escape Challenge is mostly empty except for a table, which contains the escape key. Open the drawer and take out the key. Use the key to unlock the door after adding it to your inventory. To leave the room, exit the inventory and unlock the front door.


Room 2

After finishing the first room, you will enter a room with a sofa and a cabinet that can both be used to help you with the puzzle. You must follow some instructions in order to go away. To get a key head and a box, first, open the cupboard doors.

Tap your bag again to access your inventory and choose the box. After opening the box to reveal its contents, choose the blade and cut the cushion with it to get the key tail.

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Once more, press on the bag to open your inventory, then choose the key’s head and tail. To combine them into a single key, press the “Combine” button. Then, select the key and press the “Hit” button to unlock the door and leave.

Room 3

In the third room, there is a wardrobe and a painting on the wall close to the main door. Remove a puzzle piece from the artwork by tearing it up, and then tap the bag to put it on a board that is fixed next to the entrance.

Play a mini-game in which you must rotate the squares to finish the painting in order to unlock the door. The door will open once the puzzle is finished.


Level 2 — Flower Shop

To successfully escape this room, you must take the remote from the table and the knife from the drawer on the right. Get the batteries, and then deconstruct the bullets in your inventory.

Then, turn on the air conditioning system and switch the air from warm to cold after installing the batteries. To view code 53736, click the air conditioning unit four times, followed by a click on the thermometer on the left wall. Enter code 53736 after using the knife on the enormous floral artwork. Take the key, then exit the shop.

Level 4 — Beauty Salon

To proceed, use the screwdriver from the massage chair on the wall hatch to obtain a portion of the image. Get additional picture pieces from the clock, the briefcase, and the plant pot.


Get batteries from the table, a torch from the drawer, and fish food from the cabinet. Pull back the mat at the exit door and pick up the displayed portion of the image.

To input code 26723, turn on the torch on the cabinet, take the image and the key, and then enter the massage room. Get the key from the tank, combine the hook and fishing rod, and feed the fish. Exit the room and move on to the next stage.

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Level 5 — Hardware Store

To exit, take the screwdriver from the drawer and the lighter from the work suit beside the wardrobe. Using the pallet, fix the ladder, then take the candle after using the screwdriver to open the ventilation cover.

Take apart the trash bundle to find a hammer and code (578632). Take the saw from the safe by opening it with the tools attached. To disclose the jack, use the burning candle; then, use the saw to cut the cabinet chain.

Play the mini-game by opening the wardrobe with the crowbar. Add the handle and the jack together. To leave, use the handle and jack under the front door.


Level 6 — Bookstore

Drop the nameplate above the cupboard to uncover a green book that, when tapped, adds to the inventory in order to solve the tricky challenges in this room.

By tapping two comparable drawings on the books until they vanish and leave a message (E = 5), tap the table close to the left side of the cupboard to solve a riddle.

After pressing the color buttons for Pink (1), Yellow (3), Orange (6), and Purple (4), place the book in the cabinet on the left and proceed to the hidden door (4). In the following room, find hidden items and add them to your inventory.


Grab a rope from a box near the sofa and tie the curtain on the right side to acquire a teddy bear. The knife can be found by removing the sofa seat; it can then be combined with the teddy bear and the key head that can be found by tapping the pictures above the sofa.

To raise a wooden piece, get a water bottle from the area near the plant pot and use it to water the flowers in the jar maintained above the table. To find a third piece of paper, take the handle out of the cabinet drawers and fasten it to the drawer on the table. Enter the escape code (5838) at the exit door.

Level 7 — Bakery

After exiting the bookstore, the player arrives at a bakery stocked with tempting treats that shouldn’t be tasted or eaten.


To exit this room, the player must gather cups (both purple and green cups), enter a passcode of 421 on a drawer near the exit door to get a screwdriver and card, use the screwdriver to locate a piece of wire in the refrigerator, create a pattern with bread to get a key and accomplish all other tasks in order to pass this level.

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In order to obtain a chocolate dish, open a jar with the key and take a strawberry from a painting. utilize menu cards to solve a problem on the candy counter to obtain a code 693, obtain a bottle and hammer with another passcode, retrieve a knife from a wardrobe, break the floor with the hammer, and then proceed to the next room using the key you got.


After entering the next room, a kitchen, with the key, the player must unlock the fridge and collect fruit, eggs, and a milk bottle. The player must assemble the components to make a bottle using a knife and bread from their inventory.

Then they should get cheese from the shelf against the left wall and a bowl of berries from the table in the middle of the kitchen. The player must tap on the refrigerator and click on the circuit board while referring to the picture on the wall in order to fix the circuit and get the oven running.

After baking delicious cupcakes, and everything is finished, use the “Combine” option to match the fruit’s color to the cup and add it to your inventory as a decoration.


Now, return to the bakery and go to the wardrobe to find the tray with the three colors.  Following the color, place the cabinet on the tray. A drawer opens underneath it next to it and offers you a key. Use the key to exit the door and escape from the rooms.

In Conclusion

For anyone who enjoys brainteasers and logic puzzles, Mysteries Room Escape Challenge is a fascinating and challenging puzzle game.

This game is likely to give players of all ages and ability levels hours of amusement with its immersive setting, difficult puzzles, and intriguing gameplay.


Players must move through a variety of environments and rooms to complete the game’s challenges and riddles. The riddles get harder as they go along, requiring increasingly sophisticated problem-solving abilities and critical thinking. However, I created this article to guide and help you overcome the difficulties of exiting the rooms.

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