Roblox Undertale: A Multiversal Timeline Character and Items Guide

Roblox Undertale: A Multiversal Timeline is a spinoff of Undertale and some alternate universe things. You’re in this underground world, battling other players and big bosses to get characters.

Hunt for hidden stuff like secrets, chests, and quests. If you knock out other players, you grab fragments that make you tougher.

While you learn the ropes with different characters, some can become real pros. All you have to do is explore, fight, and level up without making it something big. However, in this guide, you will learn more about the characters, and Items In the game to Improve your adventure.


Let’s dive In.

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Roblox Undertale: A Multiversal Timeline Character Guide

The characters In Undertale: A Multiversal Timeline are grouped Into four groups:

  • Frisk/Chara Characters
  • Undyne Characters
  • Basic Monster
  • Event Characters

Let’s list out characters In each group.

1. Frisk/Chara Characters

This group consists of six characters namely:


  • Frisk
  • Chara
  • Underfell Chara
  • Underfell Frisk
  • Glitchtale Frisk
  • Glitchtale Chara

2. Undyne Characters

This group consists of four characters namely:

  • Undyne
  • Undyne the Undying
  • True Undying Undyne
  • Glitchtale Undyne

3. Basic Monster

This group consists of two characters namely:

  • Froggit
  • Final Froggit

4. Event Characters

This group consists of only 1 character:


  • Sparkle (1 year event)

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How You Can Obtain and Use Some of These Characters

For Instance,

1. Frisk

When you start, you’ve got Frisk, and If you want to make Frisk stronger and Improve his level, just take down other players. Like, level 1 means one takedown.


2. Chara

To obtain Chara, hit a Determination Soul on Frisk when they hit LV19. Once you’ve got it, you can use Chara for all sorts of crafting stuff.

3. Undyne

You will get Chara with a 5% chance of using a Soul, and to get Undyne The Undying, try an Undyne Spear. And if you’re into crafting Undyne something special, use a True DT Soul on Undyne to get Glitchtale Undyne.

Roblox Undertale: A Multiversal Timeline Items Guide

Here’s the inside on some amazing Items in the game:


1. Soul

This Item changes Frisk into different characters.

These are who you might get:

  • Undyne (5%)
  • Lesser Dog (25%)
  • Napstablook (20%)
  • Froggit (25%)
  • Papyrus (20%)
  • Papyrus [Blue] (4%)
  • Asgore (1%)
  • Alphys (5%)

You can also sell it for 300 Gold.


2. Determination Soul

This one becomes certain characters, and It can be used on Ashore for Genocide Asgore or on Frisk LV19 for Chara. Also, you can sell it for 2000 Gold.

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3. Swap Soul

This item turns Sans and Papyrus into their UnderSwap forms with this. You can craft it from a Soul and Gold or just sell it for 700 Gold.


4. Papyrus Scarf

You can get this item from the Papyrus World Boss, use it on Papyrus, and Papyrus is yours. And you can sell it for 3500 Gold.

5. Gun

Lootboxes may give you a Gun at a 5% chance. It’s handy and can be sold for 200 Gold.

6. Justice Soul

To get this Item, complete a quest in Vigorous Terrain, and use it on Frisk or sell it for 1500 Gold.


7. Robloxian King’s Sword

Shell out 9999 Gold at the Snowdin Shop for this bad boy. Also, use it on Frisk for Robloxian King status, or sell it for 1998 Gold.

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8. Undying Essence

You have to beat the Undyne boss to get this item and use it on Undyne the Undying. If you’re not into that, sell it for 4000 Gold.


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