Roblox Tokyo Saga Trello and Discord Link (Verified Links)

Tokyo Saga is a fantastic Roblox game inspired by the Tokyo Revengers manga. In the game, you get to be a character from the series and settle scores with those who’ve done you wrong.

Or, if you prefer, you can focus on leveling up your skills in battles to become a stronger player. You just have to be getting stronger in the game.

However, this is not all the Information about the game, I mean talking about strategies, characters, or weapons. But I’ve got two official links that are associated with the game. These links are a great source of everything about the Tokyo Saga, and how you can even get better In your adventure.


Let’s dive In.

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Trello Link

Trello is a digital bulletin board for your Tokyo Saga adventure. It helps you stay collected by breaking down your gaming strategy into bite-sized cards.


Each card is a task or an idea, allowing you to plan your next move, track updates, and cooperate with fellow players. Head over to the official Tokyo Saga Trello board, your one-stop area for all things strategy and updates. Here, you’ll find different sections catering to various aspects of the game.

The ‘Guides’ section is an accumulation of player-contributed insights, while ‘Updates’ keeps you in the know with the latest game changes. Feel free to explore and, if you’ve got a pro tip up, contribute to the community by adding your card.

Link: Tokyo Saga Trello Link

Discord Link

Discord is a place for real-time interactions. If you want to discuss the latest game updates, the announcements channel has you covered.


Beyond functional channels, Discord encourages a sense of community through voice chats, allowing you to connect with fellow players and share the highs and lows of your Tokyo Saga experience.

To join the Tokyo Saga Discord, click (Tokyo Saga Discord Server Link). You can now explore channels to find like-minded players and in-game masterpieces.

However, adhere to community guidelines, be respectful, and welcome the connection that makes Tokyo Saga more than just a game.


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