Roblox Rush Point Script

Are you looking to improve your chances of shooting off your opposite in Rush Point? Using a script will make the job faster for you.

Some of the scripts can help you shoot faster, while others give you unlimited health. In this blog post, I will discuss the different functions of this script and the best executors to use.

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So let’s get in already.

Roblox Rush Point Script


getgenv().Enabled = true
getgenv().FOV = 100
getgenv().Priority = 'Head'
getgenv().HitPercentage = 100

loadstring(syn.request({Url = '', Method = 'GET'}).Body)()

Functions of Roblox Rush Point Script

Below, you’ll find different functions for using scripts in the Roblox Rush Point game.


  • Unlimited health: Helps a player become invincible, making it hard to kill the player.
  • Increased speed: A player will move faster, using this helps them to get around the map more quickly.
  • Auto-aim: As the name says, it will auto-aim for your enemies, this can make it easier to take them down.
  • No recoil: Using this will remove the recoil from your weapons, and you can then shoot more accurately.
  • Wallhack: You will be able to see through the walls, and this helps you spot enemies on time.

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Best Executors To Use For Roblox Rush Point Script

There are a handful of the best executors you may choose for Rush Point Script.

  • Synapse X: Unarguably the most popular executor, known for its features and stability
  • Oxygen U: One of the newest executors that is quickly pulling up some popularity. Talk speed and performance, this exploit will answer.
  • Krnl: is another free executor to use and it has a good selection of features too.

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How To Play Roblox Rush Point Game

Roblox Rush Point is a first-person shooter game. The gameplay is to eliminate the other team’s players. The game is played on different maps, each with its unique challenges.

To play Roblox Rush Point, you will need a Roblox account and to install the game. Afterward, you may choose to start playing by joining a game server. The controls for Roblox Rush Point are simple. To move, use the WASD keys.

To shoot, use the mouse. You can also use the spacebar to jump and the shift key to crouch. The game is won by whichever team that eliminates the other team’s players first.


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