Roblox No-Scope Arcade Script (Working)

No-Scope Arcade was launched by G-Studios in 2021 and it’s a sister to No-Scope Sniping game. Its build makes it more exceptional than its predecessor because it is faster, harder, and more fun. 

In the game, you will have to cruise around terrains while shooting opponents as quickly s possible before they smash your ass up. 

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The game features an array of weapons that you can get your hands on to experiment with. With the script provided below, you can simplify your gameplay and have a competitive edge against all other players.

No-Scope Arcade Script Features

  • Silent Aim
  • ESP
  • Kill All
  • Aimbot
  • Visuals
  • And others.

No-Scope Arcade Scripts

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Script 1 – Silent Aim



Script 2

getgenv().Settings = {

Fov = 150,

Hitbox = "Head",

FovCircle = true,



Script 3 –  ESP & More

loadstring(game:HttpGetAsync("", true))();

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