Roblox Gift Card Codes (Working)

If you have been searching for where to find free unused Roblox Gift Card Codes 2023 to earn the Robux currency, then you’re at the right spot. We have updated the working Roblox Gift Card codes available and will as well direct you on how to redeem them.

Roblox won the award of the best playground for children and best rewarding gaming gift card platform best gaming gift cards for gamers in 2023.

You can easily buy Robux on the Roblox platform, and you may need the gift card code to add an extra token to your purchased Robux.


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What are Roblox Gift Card Codes?

Roblox Gift Card Codes are sometimes referred to as Roblox Promo Codes. You can redeem these codes if you have any at the Roblox official website 

Redeeming your codes will give you virtual items and credits that you can use to buy Robux and other premium items on the gaming platform. 


Also, you buy Roblox gift card codes digital or physical and they cost about $10, $25, $50, etc. Robux gift card codes are in 3 different denominations; $10 gives you 800 Robux; $25 gives you 2000 Robux; while $50 gives you 4500 Robux.

How to Get Roblox Gift Card Codes

Getting a Roblox gift card code is not that simple as every available gift card code can only be used once and never again. Before I present the available working gift card codes, it’s in your interest that you try to use or get involved in any Roblox gift card code generators. Most of the codes don’t work and may impair your Roblox account.

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Microsoft Rewards

You can earn up to 100 free Roblox gift card codes by completing little tasks in Microsoft. To earn the gift card, you will need to join the program by signing into your Microsoft account. If you don’t have a Microsoft account yet, you can create one now.

After signing up, return to this page and use the ‘join the program’ above to join and you can earn up to 270 points per day by performing this task. 

And you’re expected to earn 1,500 points in a space of five days or more if you want to lake longer weeks and exchange them for 100 Robux gift cards.


List of Active Roblox Gift Card Codes

  • 834 906 0159
  • 893 344 2769
  • 799 912 0475
  • 910 433 6743
  • 947 726 1418
  • 855 061 5545
  • 917 347 9408

These gift cards are still active currently and you shouldn’t hesitate to use them. Remember, you can only use one of the gift card codes once in one account.

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How to Redeem Roblox Gift Card Codes

Roblox Gift Cards come in two ways; Some cards give credit in real money value to be used to buy Robux or a membership. While Robux gift cards from Amazon add some amount of Robux to your Roblox balance when you redeem your gift card.


Meanwhile, it should be known that Roblox gift cards can’t be redeemed in the app, but rather on their official website through your browser. To redeem your gift card codes, follow the steps below:

1. Redeem Roblox Gift Card Codes on your Account

Below are the following steps to redeem Roblox card codes on your account.

  • Login to your Roblox account on a browser.
  • Navigate to the Gift Card Redemption page.
  • Once the page load completely, type the gift card code into the box provided and click on Redeem to redeem your gift card.
  • If it’s successful, you will have some Robux added to your Roblox balance.
  • And you will a successful message is shown on the screen.
  • You can now click on the Use Credit option and buy whatever you need including premium items.

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2. Redeem Roblox Gift Card Codes on Purchases via CheckOut

You can also redeem your gift card codes on the Checkout options. Follow the steps below to redeem your Roblox gift cards at checkout.

  • Login to your Roblox account on a browser.
  • Navigate to the Robux Page or Membership Page.
  • Choose the premium item or any item you want to purchase and load the next page.
  • Select ‘Redeem Roblox Card as the payment method.
  • Click continue and enter your gift card code.
  • This will automatically redeem your gift card and your Roblox balance will be updated with any balance left.
  • Click on submit order button to complete your order request and purchase the item required.

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Why is Roblox Redeem Code Not Working?

As said earlier, it’s difficult to get a free Roblox gif card code, and if you have gotten one, you’re certain to work and it doesn’t redeem. Then, you must have made a typographic error when you’re typing in the code.


Take note of these differences when you want to redeem your gift card codes. 

Confirm if your gift card code contains “One” or “I”, “Zero as in numerical (0)” or “Circle as in alphabet (O)”, as these characters can be confusing when dealing with codes.



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