Roblox Epsilon Lineage 2 Trello and Discord Link (Verified)

Epsilon Lineage 2 is a new version of Rogue Lineage. It brings in fresh classes, races, artifacts, places, dungeons, and stories.

They’ve made some big changes, like redoing the whole map and tweaking a bunch of classes and races. But, the basic game rules are pretty much the same.

In this guide, I will share with you the official Trello, and Discord links that are associated with Epsilon Lineage 2. With these links, you will be In the circle of players who are updated about the game, learn the game mechanics, and In all Improve your gaming experience.


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Trello Link

Get into the Trello board, where you’ll find a wealth of cards to explore. Start with ‘Basic Info’ to get a grip on the controls, emotes, and recent fixes.


Beginners pay attention, this is your starting point to understand the game’s mechanics. Move on to ‘Game Info’ for a comprehensive look at Epsilon Lineage 2.

Learn about currency, status effects, houses, and more. The House tab, for instance, talks about creating or joining a faction with your fellow Discord buddies.

Also, you can delve deeper into the Trello board to uncover cards dedicated to Races, Classes, Spells, NPCs, and more.


Boost your inventory with the Items, Enhancements, Weapons, and Armors sections. Study the universe’s attributes through Locations and NPCs, which gives you a heads-up on what to expect.

If you’re in the mood for a change, the Cosmetics section has you covered. Capes, wigs, scarves, and skins, pick your style.

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And for the advanced players seeking extra Improvements, the Blessing section discloses supplemental abilities, though unlocking them comes at a cost.

Link: Epsilon Lineage Trello

Discord Link

Discord is your go-to hangout for the latest buzz and community vibes. However, you’ve got to verify your account through Bloxlink. It’s confirming your identity at the virtual door. Once that’s sorted, the doors swing open, and you’re in.

Inside the Discord, you’ll find updates straight from the developer, announcements that discuss what’s hot, patch notes, and even a FAQ section for those burning questions. Also, It’s a community where players swap tips and tricks, and share the tales of their virtual conquests.


Link: official Discord server

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