5 Best Roblox Condo Games

roblox condo games

Roblox Condo Games are among the games developed in the Roblox platform. Roblox is an online children‘s gaming platform. The platform also allows users to create and launch their games with 3D animations. There are many games to play in Roblox that you can’t feel bored with their app.

These condo games as called in Roblox are rare to find on the platform. To make it easier for your search. We have assembled many Roblox condo games you can play with friends.

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Some of the Best Roblox Condo Games 2023

1. Obby Games Best Roblox Condo Games

Obby games are one of the Roblox condo games for kids. Kids are tasked with many activities to complete. After completion, they will travel from one map to another. Gamers cannot travel to any other location if they have not completed the tasks.

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After each level completion in the game. Some unusual toys will be displayed on each page. To carry out the next activities, you have to defeat many monsters and scary toys.

2. Dance Club Best Roblox Condo Games

These Roblox condo games are part of those rated 16+. It’s not ideal for children below the age as it contains erotic graphics. If you are a grown-up and like Roblox adult games. You can play and enjoy Roblox Dance Club.

As a kid, you shouldn’t try to play the game. Accessing the game with a username that shows your age will have your account restricted. So, steer clear as it is a game for adults.

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3. Shedletsky’s Dirty Place

This is another Roblox condo game for adults. It is rated 18+ and can only be accessed by gamers who are 18+ age. The game has a lot of adult scenes and can damage the thoughts of children.

4. Shower Simulator

In Roblox Shower Simulator, players get nude in bikinis and enter the bathroom to shower one another. The game is not ideal for children below 16+. So, the game also involves erotic chats and sensuous scenes. An underage account that accesses it will have his/her account restricted.

5. Survive the killers

Survive the Killers involves romantic dances and some level of violence. It is not advisable for underage to play the game. This Roblox condo game can create a bad sensation in the kids. They’re also equipped with lethal weapons to strike one another.

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It’s really fun when we shoot and kill villains in games. But Survive the Killers takes the graphics to an alltime high. The killing scene is very horrific and very graphical it can have a strong impact on kids. The game involves a serial killer patrolling with a knife which he uses to slit the kid mercilessly in the game.


We have tried to assemble and make available all the Roblox Condo Games. Be informed that most Roblox Condo Games are agerestricted. So, it shouldn’t be accessed by kids. And any account of underage that accesses it will have his/her account restricted. I know you won’t like to have your count restricted.

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