Resident Evil 2 Safe Codes

Get ready for a level of suspense and terror you’ve never experienced in Resident Evil 2 once again. Resident Evil 2  is a thrilling and challenging game that requires players to solve puzzles and access various safes.

This blog post will provide a comprehensive guide to the Resident Evil 2 safe codes. Keep reading to find out the codes and learn how to use them!

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About The Game

In September of 1998, a deadly virus swept across the Raccoon metropolis, throwing the metropolis into pandemonium as flesh-eating zombies prowled the streets in search of survivors.

Resident Evil 2 lasts roughly eight hours if you stick to the primary goals. If you’re the kind of player that likes to see everything, the whole experience should take around 34 1/2 hours to complete.

The Raccoon City Police Station, the sewer, and the mysterious underground laboratory have all been resurrected in Resident Evil 2 Remake for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series platforms, allowing players to experience them for the first time with the enhanced visual quality and smoother frame rate that come with using modern gaming hardware. If your TV has a 120Hz option, you should use it.


There are a lot of riddles and locks in Resident Evil 2. Yet it requires considerable effort and a fair amount of backtracking to uncover every possible combination and code.

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Even though you don’t have to open most of the safes and lockers in Resident Evil 2 Remake, you should since they hold valuable items.


If you’re playing Resident Evil 2 Remake, you may have noticed several Portable Safes scattered throughout the game. These safes are hidden in various locations, such as the Police Station, Sewers, and the RPD Parking Garage.

Each safe contains valuable items such as weapon upgrades, herbs, and other collectibles – but to access these items, you must enter the correct combination code.

The codes to open the Portable Safes in Resident Evil 2 Remake are different from the original game and change with each playthrough.


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Resident Evil 2 Safe Codes

  • Leon’s desk (Police Station)
  • Left lock | NED
  • Right lock | MRG
  • Locker in the Men’s Locker Room (Police Station) | CAP
  • Locker in the Control Room (Sewer) | SZF
  • Locker up the third floor stairs (Police Station) | DCM
  • Safe in the Treatment Pool (Sewer) | Left 2 > Right 12 > Left 8
  • Safe in the West Office (Police Station) | Left 9 > Right 15 > Left 7
  • Safe in the Waiting Room (Police Station) | Left 6 > Right 2 > Left 11


Knowing the Portable Safes’ codes can make your experience with Resident Evil 2 Remake much easier.

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