Ranking The Best Units In Top Troops Tier List 

Top Troops is a fantasy RPG game that combines strategy and merge mechanics. It’s an easy task to try, but mastering it? That’s where the challenge kicks in. Your mission is to build your army, join your troops, rank them up, and dive headfirst into epic battles across Adventure, PvP Arena, the Chambers of Destiny, and more.

You can also customize your troops using units of various roles and factions. Each move on the battlefield can turn the tide, so bring your best units and a dynamism of strategy. In no time, let’s rank the best units In Top Troops. You will learn about their rarity, faction, and role.

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The Best Units In Top Troops

1. Samurai

In Top Troops, the Samurai reigns supreme with an overall SS rank. This rarity isn’t just legendary; it’s iconic. Commanding from the Militia faction, the Samurai plays the role of an assassin with skills, silently executing its duties on the virtual battlefield.

Samurai are a silent shadow on the battlefield, striking with power, agility, and cunning. He is a force to be reckoned with. This legendary assassin unit boasts top-tier stats in power, attack, and health, which makes it a true triple threat on the digital battlefield.


What makes him the best is his skills. The Samurai can stun opponents, throwing a wrench into their virtual battle plans. However, sometimes, it’s about disrupting the enemy’s plans with calculated precision.

2. Thundershot

Thundershot claims its place with an overall S rank In the game. It’s a legendary unit, and its rarity is proof of its iconic status, taking down foes from a distance. If you’re looking for outstanding stats in power, health, and attack, this unit is one of the top choices.

This legendary unit boasts remarkable abilities that make it a sought-after addition to any gamer’s dream team. However, the secret behind Thundershot’s prowess is the dynamic gameplay. Thundershot doesn’t just shoot arrows; it rains down a barrage of them, dealing damage to opponents with each precision shot.


3. Imperial Elf

As a ranged specialist, the Imperial Elf dominates from a distance, changing the tide of battle with each calculated shot. With exceptional attack and health stats, this legendary unit is an investment in victory. Each arrow fired is a coin in the treasury of triumph, making the Imperial Elf a profitable addition to your troops.

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4. Vampire Queen

Vampire Queen emerges as a legendary force within the Wilding faction, proving that not all legends sleep during the day. She’s the unsung hero with a knack for dealing damage in an unusual capacity.  With outstanding damage-dealing capabilities, it’s a game-changer.


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