Quick Guide on Obtaining Hay in Stardew Valley

This is a guide to obtaining hay In winter In Stardew Valley. All the animals living in coops and barns eat one serving of hay each day when there’s no fresh grass around.

You just pop the hay onto the feeding bench inside their home, and there’s this thing called a Hopper that helps take hay from the storage (Silo) to the bench.

The Deluxe Barns and Coops have an auto-feeder that does this automatically. Since all the grass on the farm disappears when winter arrives, it’s a smart move to collect a lot of hay by the end of fall.


You may need extra Silos to store enough hay for the winter. Or, you can use a Hopper to move hay to chests. If your hay store runs dry in the winter, you can buy more or try growing wheat in the greenhouse or on Ginger Island.

In this guide, you will learn:

  • What is Hay In Stardew Valley?
  • And how you can get Hay In winter In Stardew Valley

Let’s dive In.


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What Is Hay In Stardew Valley?

Hay in Stardew Valley keeps your farm animals happy and well-fed. This feeding is a result of your hard work with a Scythe or a Golden Scythe on Grass or Wheat.

If you’re cutting Grass with a regular Scythe, there’s a 50-50 chance of obtaining one Hay for each tile you clear. And if you upgrade to the Golden Scythe, your odds will jump to a 75% chance.


If you want to try your luck on Wheat, use either scythe which gives you a 40% shot at some extra Hay. However, you can only fill your Silo with Grass-harvested Hay if there’s an empty Silo on your farm.

Wheat-harvested Hay goes straight into your inventory (or the Junimo Hut storage if those little guys are doing the work). Remember, you can’t get Hay if you clear Grass with a weapon or a bomb.

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Your Silo can stash up to 240 pieces of Hay, and getting it out is like a buffet for your animals. Hoppers in Coops and Barns are great. Right-click and the Hopper dispenses Hay based on how many hungry mouths you have in the building.

Pro tip: You can’t take out more than there are empty slots in the Feeding Bench. In deluxe Coops and Barns with auto feeders, things get a bit tricky.

The auto feeder keeps the bench full which makes it difficult to pull Hay from the Hopper. You can also transfer Hay from your inventory to the Hopper by right-clicking.


Once the Hay’s out of the Hopper, it’s yours to move around. Chuck it into chests for storage, bypassing the need for a Silo stockpile.

How To Get Hay In Winter In Stardew Valley?

Winter in Stardew Valley means your animals are giving you that “Where’s the meal, human?” look. However, the Golden Scythe boosts your chances of getting hay by 50%. Just move it through the grass, and you’re good.

Pro tip: Hit it up at the end of Fall before the snow turns everything into an icy wonderland. Also, Silos are your animal’s winter storage room.


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Build one, and you’ve got space for 240 units of hay which is enough to keep eight animals happy and munching through the cold season.

Plus, Silos save you big bucks on hay purchases. However, to build a Silo is easy. Once it’s up, start collecting hay, trust me; your animals will thank you when the snow’s piling up outside.


If you’re the chest-hoarding type, you can accumulate your hay there too. Build a chest, and send the hay in. Plus, chests keep your hay fresh and ready to feed to your chickens or any other hungry animals. In addition, Marnie, Marnie’s got your back, and you can get hay for 50g from her.

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