Project Mugetsu Race Tier List

This post discusses some of the best races In Project Mugetsu that could greatly improve your adventure. There are currently three playable Race In Project Mugetsu, with each having Its special abilities, and different ways you can obtain them. However, before I delve into the race, allow me to share a quick overview of each race.

Let’s dive In.

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Soul Reaper Race In Project Mugetsu

In Project Mugetsu, the Soul Reaper is the main character you start with. Even though you may want to pick a different character, they’re really strong.

You can boost your abilities by meditating and using a powerful Shikai. With these powers, you can easily battle against Hollows, Zanpakutos, and other creatures that come your way.


Hollow Race In Project Mugetsu

The Hollow race is one of the three types of characters you can play in the game. Hollows are corrupted spirits with special powers, and they survive by consuming body parts from Soul Reapers and other Hollows who have passed away.

To become a Hollow in the game, you just need to talk to a character named Aizen in Karakura Town. After your conversation with Aizen, he’ll give you a quest to defeat a Soul Reaper.

During the mission, you’ll notice that all the Soul Reapers are marked with green dots. Once you complete the mission, Aizen will reward you with the ability to play as a Hollow and will take you to a place called Hueco Mundo.


Quincy Race In Project Mugetsu

The Quincy race is a strong character in Project Mugetsu, and to become a Quincy, start with a Lost Soul character with a chain in their chest.

If you’ve upgraded to Hollow or Soul Reaper, reset or create a new character. Visit the Hospital and talk to an NPC named Fresh, who will guide you to a hidden book.

Retrieved the book from a Rogue Shinigami in Room 9 of the hospital. Look for an NPC named Douda outside the hospital, who will direct you to speak to Tyrone in Hueco Mundo.


After talking to Douda again, he’ll teleport you to Hueco Mundo. There, find Tyrone and accept a quest to defeat a highlighted red Hollow and take its mask.

Return to Tyrone with the mask, and he’ll teleport you to a new area. Speak with Ywach, who will give you a bottle of blood. Return to Karakura town, equip the blood bottle, and drink its contents.

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Best Race In Project Mugetsu

In Project Mugetsu, Soul Reapers are the absolute best race in the game. They’re super strong, and when they unlock their special Shikai powers, they become nearly invincible.

If you want to become one of these strong characters, here’s what you need to do: First, find a character named Kisuke in the game.

He’s got the key to making you a Soul Reaper. Talk to him, and he’ll give you a quest. In this mission, you have to defeat a Hollow.


It’s not an easy task, but if you manage to beat the Hollow, you will become a Soul Reaper. Then again, being a Soul Reaper isn’t just about being strong; it’s also about having these awesome powers called Shikai. These powers make you an opponent to beat in battles.

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