Project Hero Trello

project hero trello

Project Hero Trello is a Roblox game derived from the manga concept, and you will play as the main character. The characters have different degrees of extraordinary powers to deal devastating damage to foes.

What is the news about?

Moreover, the game has an official Trello with many details regarding its gameplay basics and also has passes and products in it.

You will also find different game quirks found in Trello such quirk named One for All which is a transferrable quirk and can be easily transferred from one user to another.

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For the other character to admit the quirk transferred, the player will need to ingest a sample of DNA of the transferee character. And the new user will now have other unique moves to streamline his gameplay.

There is also another quirk, the Half Hot half cold that helps users generate ice cold from their right body part, and it also comes with moves that the user will study.
To learn about these quirks, I encourage you to read ahead as I will be sharing detailed information here.

Essential points on Project Hero Trello:

We have the game pass called 2X Exp that gamers can apply to get double expansion during the meantime gameplay.
Private servers also pass available that gamers can use to invite other players smoothly by sending out their invite codes automatically.

Views of people on Project Hero Trello

The game is enjoying its huge fan base as is popular amongst game enthusiasts.

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The bottom line

You can easily play this game and enjoy the various unique quests and the game quirks. Also, you can find some useful codes you can apply in the game.


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