Project Beatdown Trello and Discord Link

This guide provides links to more Information about the Project: Beatdown game. Project: Beatdown is a Roblox game where you fight against others, and give them a good beating.

The main goal is to outdo your opponent and deliver a solid smackdown on the gameplay. However, there are still lots of things to learn about the game like the game mechanics, fighting style, jobs, belt, and more, and these links ensure you’re In the circle.

Let’s dive In.


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Trello Link

In Project Beatdown, Trello works like your gaming task manager. It is a digital board where everything related to the game’s progress is managed.


On Trello, you have what are called ‘boards,’ which are the main sections. Each board is then divided into ‘cards,’ which are the tasks or topics to tackle.

Let’s say you have a board for ‘Game Features.’ Inside that board, you’d have cards for ‘Character Design,’ ‘Level Development,’ and ‘Bug Fixes.’

It’s like keeping your game’s to-do list in one place. And the best part is that they are labels.  These are color-coded tags for cards. So, you can mark ‘urgent’ tasks in red or ‘completed’ ones in green.


As you progress in Project Beatdown, you move cards around, and update statuses, and everyone on the team sees the changes in real time.

LINK: Project Beatdown Trello

Discord Link

Project Beatdown Discord is a community for Project Beatdown communication, to chat, strategize, and celebrate victories.

This game integrates with Discord servers, enabling players to stay updated on game developments and interact in real time.


Discord becomes a lively town square within the gaming community, buzzing with activity and chatter. Players can join specific channels to discuss strategies, seek advice, or simply hang out.

LINK: Project Beatdown Discord

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