Prodigy Hacks: Full Tips And Guide

Are you looking for directives on Prodigy Hacks? The prodigy hack will allow you receive more golds, outfits, items, and many other accessories. If that’s the case, you’re at the right site. We have working prodigy hacks to get more gold and other items.

About Prodigy Hacks

For the uninformed, the prodigy is an online educational platform. The site was developed by Alex Peters & Rohan Mahimker. It is focused on teaching Maths and English to Grades 1 to 8 children.

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Prodigy is free to use and has a fun interface targeted to keep kids addicted to educational activities. In the game, the kid will create a character who represents them in the realm of prodigies.

Currently, prodigy holds its attendance and usage of over 90,000 schools around the world. The site is an ever-busy learning platform for children. And prodigy’s concept on the platform is second to none as it keeps the fun of learning and game together.

From the prodigy‘s latest released reports. Students are more engaged with Maths than with other subjects listed there. Math’s environment comes with a fantasy world and adventure games for the kids to play. This makes it one of the most played games in prodigy.


Even to win in the game, children must learn and practice Maths concepts in the prodigy bespoke tasks.

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Due to its popularity, some students are now looking for hacks to cheat in the game. The hacks allow them to collect gold and different outfits.


Prodigy Hacks

On that note, we have collected all working and current Prodigy hacks to enable you to cheat in the game. The hacks below are specifically for Mathematics. So, use it to get your collectibles.

Prodigy hacks



Players Hacks

This hack offers you much gold, set user level, set wins, and more.

Inventory Hacks


This enables you to stack items, clear inventory, and get all furniture & mounts.

Location Hacks

You will get all map locations, teleport to house & Map, and more.


Pet Hacks

You can remove clear pets, add pets, get all pets, etc.

Battle Hacks


This will disable Math, instant kill, set battle heart, win the battle, escape battle [Pev], and more.


Modulate your walk speed, Fill energy, and more.



You can reset your account with this cheat, chat spammer, and more.



This hack will stop all popups, save characters, update the menu, and more.

Beta Testing

Obtain many runes, morph player[BETA], Customize your character, and more.



This hack increases your arena point, you can disable the timeout dialog and more.

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