Prison Life Script (Working)

prison life script

You should always be grateful for your freedom. If you have ever spent a night in prison, you will know the horror people pass through there. So, the Prison Life game is an aesthetical role-playing game where you will spend your life in prison.

But in the virtual world. Prison life was launched in 2014, and since then, it has gained popularity. This is because of its portrayal of prison life. To play the game, you start by choosing either to be a warder or a prisoner. As a prison warder, you will be equipped with teasers, handcuffs, and guns.

This equipment is to help you maintain order in the prison. While later, being a prisoner is very challenging as you can’t go around your activities again. Rather, you will be seeking ways to escape from prison.

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So, the game even though it is popular and addicting, it’s very tough to play. The game comes equipped with fantastic graphics, powerful vehicles, and an array of weapons. These types of equipment are for you as a prisoner to escape from prison. You can use them to break the prison yards and free other inmates, attack warders, and fight off arrests.

So, you can see the game is not that easy. That’s why many players resolved to cheat. So, if you’re looking at streamlining your game experience. Then, the Prison Life Script is here to make your game enjoyable. We also have the Prison Life admin script to enable to use of admin features.

Prison Life Script

There are many scripts for this game and most of them have been patched recently. So, to help you out, we took the research and testing work on your behalf. Therefore, the scripts provided here are very active and working.

You can enjoy such features as auto weapons, auto farm, auto respawn, and many more.

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God Mode, Taze All, Kill Aura

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