Pogba lost the plot in France’s elimination from Euro 2020

paul pogba

Former France star Emmanuel Petit has accused Man United star Paul Pogba of losing the plot during Switzerland’s elimination of France from the second round stage of Euro 2020.

France surprisingly threw away a two-goal lead in the last 6 minutes of the game and crashed out on penalties, losing 5:4.

Meanwhile, Pogba scored a screamer during the game but was guilty of being too casual on the ball before losing it, leading to Switzerland’s equalizer which ultimately cost his side.

He then went on to clash with Adrien Rabiot and the row erupted elsewhere as his mother argued with other players’ families in the stands. Regardless, Petit says it was the midfielder that lost the plot which led to France’s elimination from the tournament.

In a chat with PaddyPower, Petit said: ‘I don’t really understand what happened to France versus Switzerland,’

‘During the game we only played well for 20 minutes after Lloris stopped the penalty. After it, we looked confident and like a good team.

‘But then there was one incident – Pogba lost the ball for the second Swiss goal – and France collapsed.

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‘We lost everything. Concentration, team spirit, desire – and the tie.
‘Worst of all, we started fighting on the pitch between ourselves.

‘There was a big clash between Rabiot and Pogba, who lost the plot, after the second Swiss goal and from then on we had no control, no confidence.

‘We looked average – it’s hard to explain.
‘Mbappe was asking for more responsibilities before the tournament, and there were stories about not passing the ball to Giroud.

‘There was even fighting in the stands between Rabiot, Mbappe, and Pogba’s families after the second goal – Rabiot’s mother said Mbappe’s big head is spoiling the team.

‘Then Mbappe penalty is saved in the shootout.
‘We looked so far away from the World Cup-winning team.

‘It reminds me of our team in 2002, when we went out in the group stage of the World Cup. It’s a real shame because it doesn’t need to be like this.’

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