Pet Posse Script (Active)

If you have been searching for the most working Pet Posse Script, then you’re at the right place as have searched, tested, and provided the only available working Pet Posse script to help you streamline your gaming experience. Read through to find the download link below and how to execute it.

Pet Posse Script 

Though there are many scripts online, finding the working script is the challenge most gamers face. Therefore, we have done the research work on your behalf and come out with the tested and active script to streamline your gameplay.

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With the script, you get unlimited money and level up your pets. With your huge money, you can explore many areas and birth new pets.

So, if you want to enjoy your game without grinding too much, then here is the script to execute with any virus-free Roblox exploit and have a great gaming experience.

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for i,v in pairs(getgc()) do
if getinfo(v).name:lower():match('hatchin') then
old = hookfunction(v, function()
return wait(9e9)




local plr = game.Players.LocalPlayer
local remote = workspace.__THINGS.__REMOTES.rebirth
while task.wait(0.5) do -- high delay to prevent any possible lag from script

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