One Fruit Simulator Tier List

In the One Fruit Simulator game, fruits work as power-ups. When your character eats a fruit, they get special abilities depending on the type of fruit.

You can buy these fruits from the Gacha seller NPC, find them under trees on the map, or even get them as drops from Sea Beasts.

And just so you know, all fruits have the same chance of showing up when you spin for them. In this guide, we’ll be ranking the best Fruit In the game based on their abilities. The fruits that belong to the S-Tier list are the most powerful, while the fruits that belong to the D-Tier list are no-go areas.


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Let’s dive In.

One Fruit Simulator Tier List

S TierBatto/Vampire Fruit
Gragon Fruit
Ope Ope/Operation Fruit
Phoenix Fruit
Pika/Light v2 Fruit
Tremor Fruit
Venom Fruit
A TierGoro/Electric Fruit
Gura/Tremor Fruit
Hie/Ice Fruit
Magu/Magma Fruit
Mera/Flame Fruit
Pika/Light Fruit
Yuki/Snow Fruit
Zushi/Gravity Fruit
B TierGomu/Rubber Fruit
Ito/String Fruit
Nikyu/Paw Fruit
Oto Oto/Sound Fruit
Shadow/Kage Fruit
C TierBara/Chop Fruit
Mero/Love Fruit
Moku/Smoke Fruit
Suna/Sand Fruit
Yami/Dark Fruit
D TierBari/Barrier Fruit
Bomu/Bomb Fruit
Guru/Spin Fruit
Mira/Mirror Fruit
Suke/Invisible Fruit
Sube Sube/Slip Fruit

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