Old Altus Tunnel in Elden Ring (Guide)

In Elden Ring, Old Altus Tunnel is one of the Minor Dungeons that you can find in the Altus Plateau Region. Old Altus Tunnel is an optional dungeon that is home to a few treasured items and a miniboss opponent.

This article is to discuss necessary information on the location, walkthrough, and guide to traverse the dungeon. How to locate all of the treasures here, and tips on how to beat the opponents nearby.

How to Get to Old Altus Tunnel

Go towards the north from the Erdtree-Gazing Hill Site of Grace in the central Altus Plateau. Make your way into the canyon eastward of Wyndham Ruins. You will observe an imp seal locking a pathway into a mining tunnel just as the canyon curves leftward.

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Notable Loot

Stonedigger/Dogs/Leyndell Knights

Stonedigger Troll

Boltdrake Talisman +1Troll’s HammerGreat Club

After you have successfully usedStonesword Key to unlock the Imp Seal, go inside, and ride the lift down, you’ll see a Site of Grace.

Old Altus Tunnel Walkthrough

Ahead of the Site of Grace, going down through the tunnel, you will come to a wooden shack. A Stonedigger with a lantern (that can spew fire) lives here with his dog. After you have defeated them, there is a Smithing Stone (5) around the right side. There are also some Cracked Crystal deposits along the entranceway to the next section of the cave.

Curve around the wooden platform to the right and use the ladder in the next room. You will get to a cave with more Stonediggers and a Leyndell Soldier if you go ahead of the tunnel. There is a shack with two Dogs and a corpse holding the Boltdrake Talisman +1 on the left side.

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Tucked behind the barrels up a small slope to the northwest are several Cracked Crystal Deposits and a Smithing Stone (5). There is a corpse holding Stanching Boluses around the right side of the shack.

Go back through the same track that you came through. Drop off the right side of the platform to land on the wooden platform on the other side of the room where you entered. There are two Stonediggers, a Smithing Stone deposit, and a corpse that holds a Golden Rune (6) at the end of the platform.

There is a ladder going down to the bottom of the floor halfway back across this platform. You will have to face a Leyndell Soldier and two Leyndell Knights at the bottom.

Also, there are two Dogs in the southern shack but they are unlikely to aggro until you climb the steps. The Troll’s Hammer is in the shack with the dogs. A corpse holds a Somber Smithing Stone (4) in the northern shack.

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There are a few paths that you will have to take here;

A tunnel to the west or another tucked behind the northern shack. You’ll get to a room where a Dog and Stonedigger will come at you while going through the tunnel. A Smithing Stone (5) and Somber Smithing Stone (5) line the back wall

Going back through the same track, take the other tunnel towards the west. You will be received with a mist wall the moment you turn to the left corner.

Final Thoughts 

With the guide provided above, we hope to have helped you locate the Old Altus Tunnel and to know what you’re going to face. Elden Ring is a challenging game with many boss fights. To progress rapidly in the game, follow the main quests.

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