Official Dragon Ball Xeno Multiverse Trello and Discord Link

Dragon Ball Xeno Multiverse is a Roblox game made by DB_Dev. It used to go by the name Dragon Ball Super 3 in the past, and the storyline for Dragon Ball Xeno Multiverse is still in the works, but it’s likely to be updated soon.

However, Trello and Discord can play a huge part In your Dragon Ball Xeno Multiverse experience. Trello is a digital board that keeps everyone in the know with updates and plans while Discord is your hangout, where fans chat, share strategies, and stay connected.

In this guide, You will discover the official links to these platforms so that you can explore them to Improve your adventure. Let’s dive In.


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Official Trello Link

Accessing the official Dragon Ball Xenoverse Multiverse Trello board is easy. To dive into the community buzz, simply click on:


Once there, you’ll find a well-organized layout resembling an online bulletin board. The Trello board is structured into distinct sections, each serving a specific purpose.


“Announcements” keep you updated on the latest news, “Patch Notes” detail recent game updates, and “Community Discussions” provide a space for sharing thoughts and ideas.

Regular updates on the Trello board ensure everyone stays informed. By checking in regularly, you can catch reports and actively participate in community discussions.

Your contributions matter, making this Trello board a collaborative space where your voice is valued. For example, if there’s an upcoming game event or a new patch, the Trello board likely has a dedicated card with detailed information.


Clicking on it reveals specifics such as event schedules, patch notes, and any associated community activities. Being an active participant in the Trello board not only keeps you in the circle but also allows you to play a role in shaping the Dragon Ball Xenoverse Multiverse experience for yourself and your fellow gamers.

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Official Discord Link

Official Dragon Ball Xeno Multiverse Discord Link Discord operates as a virtual hangout for Dragon Ball Xenoverse Multiverse fans, offering real-time interaction and communication.


DB Xeno Multiverse Discord Link

Once there, you’ll discover various channels meant for different discussions, from gameplay strategies to casual chats. Voice channels on Discord bring a social element to the gaming experience.

Engage in live conversations, share your experiences, and pose questions. The platform creates a sense of connection among fans.

The more you participate, the more enriched your gaming adventure becomes. So, don’t hesitate to click, join, and immerse yourself in the discussions of the Dragon Ball Xenoverse Multiverse Discord community.


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