Muscle Legends Script (Working)

muscle legends script

Should I say this is the most awesome and addictive game ever made on the Roblox platform? The game concept tasks gamers to build and train exceedingly to gain strength, agility, and durability. Muscle Legends was launched in 2019 by Scriptbloxian Studios.

So far, Muscle Legends has gained over 13,000 steady gamers and boasts over 600 million visits with a thundering 429 thousand likes.

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Due to its competitive nature and game enthusiasts’ request to dominate the arena, we have decided to source and make the scripts available to give our visitors a competitive edge over others.

Features of Muscle Legends Hack for Roblox

  • Auto-farm
  • Auto-rep
  • Auto-rebirth
  • Auto-equip
  • Fast Attack
  • Walk speed
  • Kill player
  • Trade all
  • Spawn kill players
  • And others.

Muscle Legends Script

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Make good use of the Muscle Legends Scripts in this article and enhance your chances of coming out tops in some of the challenges you will face in the game.

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