Mighty Omega Trello

It’s nice to have you here again on the Mighty Omega Trello 2022. In this article, you will learn more about Mighty Omega Trello Traits and every other piece of knowledge and information you need about Trello.

Mighty Omega Trello Controls

This can be done with a combat tool:

M1 = light hit
M2 = guard breaker
F = Block

Hold F and press M1 = parry guard breakers
Hold F and press M2 = counter prompt (they will hit your block when the prompt shows). With the combat key, you can counter this move.


V = mount
M1 while mounting = Light
M2 while mounting = Heavy

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Mighty Omega Trello Combat

M1 for Light attacks, M2 for Heavy attacks


While holding down the F button, press M1 to parry Guardbreaks to freeze them in place and get free hits. While holding down F and pressing M1, you will punch them away from you which will come as a counterattack.

Use the Q button to Dash and Lower body+running speed allows you to dash farther. Blocking on the other hand will reduce your stamina. You should consider not blocking all light hits.

To change the Rhythm of the game, hit the R button. You can also earn more Rhythm by landing successful hits on the foes. Rhythm offers buffs to your damage on foes. While using Rhythm often may drain your stamina, it will also allow you to use your stats often.


Be careful not to waste your punch in the air as this will also drain your stamina. This is important because when your skills drain during a fight, you will be defeated. Skill rebuilds do take a long if you don’t have the skill rebuild customization.

Mighty Omega Trello Hunger and Calories

The Yellow Bar on the screen indicates your hunger level. While the Red Bar shows your level of calories. You should make sure these bar levels never drain to 5% as it will force you to lose muscle and fat.

More calories mean you will sweat faster


Calories above 70% will make fat from eating.

Mighty Omega Trello Muscle and Fat Loss

Suppose you starve your character, i.e. when the hunger bar has drained, you will lose Upper and Lower body muscles simultaneously and the fats you have earned.

Mighty Omega Trello Height

When you spawn in Mighty Omega, you’re spawned with a random height. You can become taller in the game by rolling Yolotall or Reinhold.


A taller character means you will have greater range on your M1s. But your run speed will be negatively affected and you will also experience lower strike speed.

A small character will allow you to run faster and have a faster stroke speed. But you will have a poor low range.

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Mighty Omega Trello Jobs and Income

On the map, you can find two job boards. One is located at the Ramen store and the other is seen in front of the Convenience Store in the City. There is a random mission from a group of 3 listed there.

Sweeping means you will sweep the area of the mission board you’re in.

Restock tasks you to travel to a location or a point on the map and come back.


Delivery will randomly pick a set of houses from the Urban area where you will go to deliver things.

You will find the Restock very easy to play and complete.

Mighty Omega Trello ATMs

You can buy a Bank account in the game and use the Card tool to withdraw money from ATMs found on the map.


Mighty Omega Trello Beds

The beds in the game will help you lose fatigue and regain strength. It would be best if you slept to lose fatigue. You will be notified when your fatigue level is high.

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Mighty Omega Trello Explanation

Mighty Omega Trello The Challenge of 200

With the Mighty Omega Trello Challenge 200, you’re tasked to do 2 major things in the game. You can unlock “Aptitudes”, which are passives that you gain on stages 150 and 200.


And also, techniques you learned from randomized 200 bosses. The bosses include Rain Kure, Lao Ohn, Inaba Ryo, Wakatsuki Takeshi, Hatsumi Sen, and Saw Paing. More will be added in upcoming updates.

Mighty Omega Trello The Challenge of 100

This is the trial of 100, a tower where the powerful characters meet to fight. There are many tactful fighters here as you ascend. There are many known fighters here who have grown in stats and other lessknown fighters too.

Mighty Omega Trello Titles and Rewards

You will be rewarded in Mighty Omega Trello by beating certain floors. You can earn money and mighty coins. When you defeat floor 50, you will receive “The Challenger” title along with the “Lee Rock” entrance animation.


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When you overcome floor 100, you will receive the “Kyoudai Conquerer” title along with the “Akuma Pose” entrance animation.

Final Thoughts On Mighty Omega Trello

We hope you find this Mighty Omega Trello helpful to enjoy the game and know what it holds. With the guides detailed here, you can defeat many bosses and other players with ease. Do well to utilize the information to win in the game.


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