Roblox Mic Up Script (Working)

mic up script

Mic Up was developed by Wild Roleplay, it’s a 3D Roblox hangout game where gamers can converse with one another using the newly released features of spatial voice and voice chat.

Though not popular like MeepCity, it had managed to garner 20 million visits and records over 800 active players which makes it worth mentioning when other Roblox games are called up.

If you’re looking at having easy gameplay, that will involve you in hacking the game which is why we present this article to guide you. With the working script below, you can hack the game and teleport into VIP areas, unlock all badges, kill opponents, and get lots of rewards.

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Roblox Mic Up Script

We have seen different types of Mic Up scripts on the net and most of them don’t allow players to enjoy the game with voice chat as the script disables it, while some scripts crash the server.

We have been able to sieve out those poorly written scripts to come up with something that will enable voice chat and also not crash the server.

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Script 1 – Kill All


Mic Up Voice Chat Enable Script

Mic Up Crash Script

Mic Up Script To Enter VIP Room Without Buying

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Mic Up Script All In One

Mic Up Script For All Hats

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Mic Up Script For Spawn Car

Final Thoughts

We’ve provided you with loads of useful scripts that will come in handy as you progress in your Mic Up gameplay. The aforementioned Mic Up scripts are very useful and have many uses as indicated in this article. Do well to leverage them and derive utility from them.

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