Lost Lands 8 Walkthrough

Lost Lands 8 is a popular mystery escape room and puzzle game developed by Five-BN Games. In this game, your primary objective is to swiftly find a cure with Maaron’s assistance.

Unearthing items won’t be a straightforward task, requiring meticulous examination of locations and objects. Progressing through the main storyline can be challenging when you’re uncertain about what to seek, prompting players worldwide to turn to walkthroughs or guides for guidance when they’re stuck.

If you encounter difficulties with puzzles or objects during this segment, read on for a comprehensive walkthrough of Lost Lands 8 Chapters.


This guide offers an in-depth, illustrated walkthrough, divulging secrets, tips, tactics, and gameplay mechanics from start to finish. Without further ado, let’s get started!

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Lost Lands 8 walkthrough ~ Task 1 – 8

Lost Lands 8 Walkthrough: Task 1 ~ Find Maaron

  • To begin, grab the Gardening Scissors on the left and make sure they’re added to your list.
  • Next, take a look at the pot nestled among the branches near the house. Utilize the Gardening Scissors to delicately snip away the obstructing branches.
  • Then, explore a bit and engage with various items before focusing on the pot. Lift it gently to unveil a concealed key.
  • Retrieve the key from your inventory and apply it to unlock the door.
  • With the door now open, you can proceed by pressing it to transition between different areas.
  • You find yourself in a place Maaron hasn’t set foot in for quite a while.

Lost lands 8 Walkthrough: Task 2 ~ Find a Rune For The Dolmen

  • Give the painting above the fireplace a gentle tap, revealing a Gear, and make sure to read the note that’s close by.
  • Take a moment to examine the chair positioned near the window. Lift the seat to uncover an Owl, and be sure to add it to your collection.
  • Now, head over to the table and snag a Knife from its location. Remember to keep it on your list.
  • Direct your attention to the window on the right side. Tap it to reveal some coals; shift them aside to uncover a Kyoll. And before you move on, make sure to grab the Colored Glass.
  • Go ahead and hit the back button. Now, give the fish painting on the right side a tap. Utilize the Colored Glass to unveil a trio of items: Snakeskin, Poppy Seed, and Pearl.
  • Next up, take a closer look at the fireplace. Use the poker to explore and eventually retrieve a Coin from within.
  • Keep in mind that items marked with a “+” symbol can be interacted with another item on the panel. Feel free to click on the item to see it up close.
  • Zoom in on the Coin, and click on the wire to remove it. After that, direct your attention to the rug on the floor. Surprise, surprise – there’s a trapdoor waiting to be discovered.
  • Employ the wire to retrieve a Detail from the floor crack close to the trapdoor.
  • Now, it’s time to leave the house. Hit that back button and venture outside to uncover hidden treasures.
  • As you step out, your objective shifts to the Tree Stump. Give it a thorough examination and find 2 Puppy Seeds in the designated spots, just like the image shows.
  • Next, turn your focus to the birdhouse near the gate. The Detail you acquired earlier comes into play here, unlocking the door.
  • With the door open, you’ll come across a Promotion Letter, a Star, and another Gear.
  • Navigate to your panel, select the Coin, and tap on it to secure the second knoll.
  • Shift your attention to the gate. Use the knife to remove the cover, and then position both gears to initiate a mini-game.
  • Your task in the mini-game is to maneuver the latches and unlock the bolt on the lock.
  • Once you’ve successfully solved the puzzle, the gate swings open.
  • Pass through the gate and approach a boy near the cart to inquire about Maaron.

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Lost Lands 8 Walkthrough: Task 3 ~ Help The Halfling

  • To begin, make your way over to the stick near the house and gather a handful of steps.
  • As you follow the path, direct your attention to the bucket on the left side. Retrieve the rope that’s conveniently close by.
  • Give the sack on the floor a tap to collect some grain, ensuring you keep it safely stowed in your inventory.
  • Afterward, interact with the door. Gently tap its lock to swing it open. Step through the door and offer the grain to entice the chickens.
  • Step back into the house once more, revealing a note nestled within the nest. And before you depart, remember to grab a wheel from the upper shelf.
  • As the game unfolds, you’ll have the opportunity to interact with a map, enabling you to travel between various locations – from Plains and the Academy of Magicians to Fugo Islands, Darkwoods, Centaur Village, and Keremeos.
  • As you step outside, your task is to fix the wheel. Begin by selecting the wheel from your panel and attaching it to the cart.
  • Then, grab the hook located near the cart and secure it into the wheel. Retrieve a stone from the ground and mend the wheel.
  • With that completed, tap the back button to return to your previous location, and direct your attention to the ladder near the house.
  • From your list, pick the steps and use the rope to position them on the ladder. Ascend the ladder to re-enter the house and embark on your mission to uncover concealed objects – from a hare and compass to an apple and more.
  • Once all the hidden objects are found, the game introduces a Needle with Thread to your inventory.
  • Now, tap the path to move to the second location. Focus on the sack and, when you open the zoom view, employ the Needle with Thread to mend the bag.
  • Finalize the task by placing the mended sack on the cart – a helpful deed for the Halfling is now done.

Lost Lands 8 Walkthrough: Task 4 ~ Find a Rune for the Dolmen

  • Give the hut on the right a gentle tap to acquire a stick. Employ the stick to lift the stones on the left, revealing a bottle hidden underneath.
  • Proceed to break the bottle, yielding two Kyolls, a Bottle Shard, and a Snakeskin – all of which find a home in your inventory.
  • Engage the zoom view feature on the tree. Equip yourself with a knife and start gathering two Kyolls. A pearl shouldn’t escape your notice either. And remember to grab the eggshells from the nest.
  • To step back into the main garden, simply hit the back button. Venture into the house afterward.
  • Upon entering, direct your attention to the fish painting on the left. Grace the shelf with the presence of Colored Glass and Bottle Shards.
  • Subsequently, give each colored glass a purpose. Apply them to the painting to uncover hidden objects. Take a brief departure from the house and focus on the chopped tree to the left. Harvest the Poppy Seeds it holds.
  • Now, make your way back inside the house. Turn your attention to the table and gather all the ingredients near the bowl. Once mixed, you’ll have a concoction known as the Mixture of the Hidden Light.
  • Once more, leave the house. Place the hidden light delicately in the pond.
  • Move on to the next location. Approach the bucket and claim a hook from within. Then, circle back to the pond.
  • Join the hook with the rope and lower it into the water, eventually hauling a treasure box into view.
  • Store the rope in your panel and utilize the star. This triggers a mini-game. The addition of a Kyoll initiates a puzzle, demanding your skills to solve.
  • For puzzle-solving prowess, the tokens need arranging as demonstrated in the image below.
  • Delve into the treasure chest’s secrets, gaining a Boar and Rune.
  • And with that, Task 4 reaches its conclusion.
  • Give the Stone on the right side a tap. With the Rune selected from your panel, position it there, thus triggering the portal’s activation. Step through and venture into a new area.
  • Engage with the skeleton on the left. Give it a thorough examination, uncovering a Skull.

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Lost Lands 8 Walkthrough: Task 5 ~ Get to The Academy of Magicians

  • To your right, you’ll spot a modest hut beckoning you inside. It’s the perfect place to embark on your quest for hidden items, starting with the acquisition of the third manuscript.
  • Shift your attention to the table, where you’ll uncover a Tile to add to your list. To exit the zoom view, just tap the back button. With that done, turn your focus to the ladder.
  • Gradually move the ladder until you’re able to claim the second tile.
  • Steer yourself closer to the door on the left. Position all three tiles in their rightful spots and position the skull amidst the door to set it ajar.
  • Once you’ve ventured through the door, you’ll step into an ancient building, ready to unravel mysteries through the discovery of items and the unraveling of intricate puzzles.
  • Welcome to the Ancient Building, an aged place where navigating through a maze reveals hidden objects crucial for piecing together mysteries.
  • Start off by heading left and right to retrieve a Spear.
  • Retrace your steps back out of the room, heading left to seize a Mask with the Spear you’ve recently procured.
  • Returning to the starting point within the ancient building, veer rightward along the pathway and use the Mask to swing open a door.
  • Crossing the threshold of this newly opened door, you’ll find yourself faced with two options. Opt for the left-side path to enter a room where pulling a lamp reveals a concealed chamber.
  • Inside this room, claim a Sword. Once you’ve secured this item, exit both chambers, turning your attention to the right-hand side. Here, you’ll need to place the sword into the statue’s hand, effectively unlocking the door.
  • Venturing through this passage may lead you to yet another area, where three doors stand shrouded in cobwebs. Start by entering the leftmost room to obtain a crystal. Proceed to the third room, placing the crystal on the holder to illuminate the space.

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  • Navigate the pathway to encounter two distinct options. Opt for the left-side route, leading you to a Lever Arm.
  • Exit this chamber and explore the right-side option. Here, use the Lever Arm on the machine to raise the stairs. Follow this path to exit the ancient building.
  • As you step outside, your mission involves discovering the first plank out of a set of 10 from the trees nearby, and ensuring it makes its way to your list. The second plank is cunningly concealed beneath the bushes.
  • Engage with the net to uncover a gem and the third plank in the zoom view.
  • Direct your attention to the Stone holding a rope that connects to a boat. Give it a tap to claim the fourth plank. Planks five and six lie close by the monkey statue.
  • Discovering the seventh plank requires climbing some rocks and peeking beneath a structure. Meanwhile, the eighth plank awaits near a cautionary signboard.
  • As for the last two planks, the ninth and tenth, retrieve them from the board to complete your set of 10.
  • Head back to the initial location of this task by clicking the back button and then engage with the ladder, triggering the zoom view.
  • Your current goal is to employ the gathered planks to mend the ladder through a puzzle-solving endeavor.
  • Once the puzzle is solved, you’ll find yourself atop the ladder. Open the toolbox to claim the Hacksaw.
  • Return to the small hut on the right. Utilize the Hacksaw to sever the treasure chest’s lock, ultimately uncovering a Rune.
  • Now, access the map at your disposal, selecting the location labeled “Plains.”
  • Once there, approach the structure at the pathway’s end. Initiate the zoom view and position the Rune on the Stone to activate the portal.

There you have it – We’ve come to the end of our comprehensive walkthrough. You’re now ready to navigate the challenging world of Lost Lands 8. Happy exploring and puzzle-solving!

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