Locker Codes For NBA 2k22

locker codes for nba2k22

We are sure that you are here because youre looking for all Locker Codes for NBA 2K23. To streamline your gameplay and make good use of card collecting MyTeam mode and unlock other bonuses in MyCareer mode, you will need the latest working Locker Codes to get these bonuses.

When you input the Locker Codes, you will get many bonuses, new packs, tokens, MT, players, and so many more. We always update this list with the latest released Locker Codes. Do well to visit us often. We make sure to list the Locker Codes with their bonus and expiration date. So, get them while active to gain rewards.

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How to redeem NBA 2K22 Locker Codes

You can redeem NBA 2K22 Locker Codes by clicking on the Options button. At the section of the screen, you will see the Locker Code option. Click on the button and a box will pop up. Type in this code here to get your rewards.

All active NBA 2K22 Locker Codes


  • Rewards: Diamond Contract, Hall of Fame Badge, 50 Tokens, Diamond Shoe, or Zero Gravity Deluxe Pack
  • Expiration Date: Jan. 13, 2023


  • Rewards: Clutch Shooter Badge Pack, two Tokens, or A Signature Series Three Pack.
  • Expiration Date: Dec. 24


  • Rewards: Two Guaranteed MyTeam Players and three Skill Boosts
  • Expiration Date: Dec. 20


  • Rewards: A Signature Series Three Pack, two Tokens, or Clutch Shooter Badge Pack.
  • Expiration Date: Dec. 24


  • Rewards: Mystic Pack, Flash three, Flash four, Alter Ego, or A Signature Series two.
  • Expiration Date: Dec. 11

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  • Rewards: Two Tokens, An Iced-Out Pack, or Diamond Shoe Boost.
  • Expiration Date: Dec. 16


  • Rewards: A NBA 75 Pack or a Sharpshooter Pack
  • Expiration Date: Dec. 13


  • Rewards: Flash three, A Signature Series two, Alter Ego, Flash four, or Mystic Pack
  • Expiration Date: Dec. 7


  • Rewards: A Gold Shoe Boosts Pack, a Token, or Six NBA Primetime Packs.
  • Expiration Date: Dec. 6


  • Rewards: 75 Tokens, 50 Tokens, 25 Tokens, or 5,000 MT,
  • Expiration Date: Dec. 5


  • Rewards: A Mystic Deluxe Pack
  • Expiration Date: Dec. 4


  • Rewards: An Evolution Dennis Rodman
  • Expiration Date: Dec. 3

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  • Rewards: A Thanksgiving Basketball Court Player Banner
  • Expiration Date: Nov. 24


  • Rewards: A Choice of Diamond Shoe, Diamond Contract, or Diamond Shoe Boost.
  • Expiration Date: Nov. 27


  • Rewards: Playmaker Badge Pack, Two Tokens, or A Flash Four Pack,
  • Expiration Date: Nov. 26


  • Rewards: An NBA Primetime V Pack or Rim Protector Badge Pack
  • Expiration Date: Nov. 23


  • Rewards: A Limited Edition II Pack
  • Expiration Date: Nov. 19


  • Rewards: Glass Cleaner Badge Pack or A NBA Primetime IV Pack.
  • Expiration Date: Nov. 16


  • Rewards: A Player Banner
  • Expiration Date: Nov. 6


  • Rewards: A NBA Primetime III Pack, NBA Series 1 Pelicans Player Pack, or Gold Shoe Pack
  • Expiration Date: Nov. 9


  • Rewards: An Alter Ego Deluxe Pack
  • Expiration Date: Nov. 7

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  • Rewards: Tight Handles Badge Pack, ANBA Primetime II Pack,or Shoe Award Pack.
  • Expiration Date: Nov. 2


  • Rewards: A Alter Ego Pack, Blinders Badge Pack, or two Tokens
  • Expiration Date: Nov. 6


  • Rewards: Limitless Takeoff Badge Pack, Clutch Shooter Badge Pack, or Limited-Edition Pack.
  • Expiration Date: Oct. 29


  • Rewards: A Sapphire Chris Duarte
  • Expiration Date: Oct. 28


  • Rewards:A NBA Primetime Pack, Converse Shoe Pack, or 1 Token
  • Expiration Date: Oct. 26


  • Rewards: Diamond Defensive Rebound Shoe Boost, A Diamond Mid-Range Shoe Boost, Karl-Anthony Towns Signature, HOF Set Shooter Badge, or Diamond Jordan XXXI Shoe.
  • Expiration Date: Oct. 26


  • Rewards: Signature Series, Dunktober, Flash one, Flash two Pack, or A Colossal.
  • Expiration Date: Oct. 25

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  • Rewards: Limited Edition Pack, Limitless Takeoff Badge Pack, or Clutch Shooter Badge Pack.
  • Expiration Date: Oct. 22


  • Rewards: Gold Adidas Shoe Pack, Limitless Takeoff Badge Pack, or A Primetime V Pack.
  • Expiration Date: Oct. 19


  • Rewards: Limited Edition Pack, Limitless Takeoff Badge Pack, or Clutch Shooter Badge Pack.
  • Expiration Date: Oct. 22


  • Rewards: A Deluxe Limited Edition Pack
  • Expiration Date: Oct. 18


  • Rewards: A Player Banner
  • Expiration Date: Oct. 18


  • Rewards: Nike Gold Shoe Pack, A Flash two Pack or two Tokens
  • Expiration Date: Oct. 15


The aforementioned codes are some of the working and reliable codes that you can use to enhance your gaming experience on NBA 2K22 and make it worth your while. Do well to leverage them and come tops as often as possible.

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