List Of Male Twisted Wonderland Characters

This is the list of the male characters In Twisted Wonderland. The Disney Twisted-Wonderland game is all about lessons, stories, and tests.

In this game, you use Magic Gems, the in-game currency, to try and get new characters through a Gacha game. Once you’ve got these characters, you can make them stronger by sending them to Lessons.

However, to see how powerful your characters are, you can take tests or exams. These are available every day or every so often.


You’ll have your characters battle it out and earn points based on how strong your team is. The more points you get, the higher your rank, which results in better rewards for you.

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That said, here is the list of male characters In Twisted Wonderland:


  1. Ruggie Bucchi
  2. Trey Clover
  3. Jack Howl
  4. Jade Leech
  5. Jamil Viper

And you will learn about their:

  • Appearance
  • Personality
  • Spell

And lots more. Let’s get started.

Ruggie Bucchi



Ruggie is a light-skinned young man of average height with a unique appearance. Instead of human ears, he has large brown hyena ears on top of his head and a short hyena tail of the same color.

You’ll often see him with a mischievous smile, and his overall look is pretty cool. His Savanaclaw uniform includes a dark yellow shirt, a black leather vest, well-worn jeans, and a typical orange-yellow bandana with the Savanaclaw symbol.

Unlike most Savanaclaw students, Ruggie’s shirt has a jacket, and he prefers to wear his bandana like a scarf. Ruggie is a laid-back yet cunning individual who knows how to adapt to any situation.


He’s resourceful and always ready to put in the effort to succeed, even if it means bending the truth or cozying up to his house warden, Leona.

He’s quite self-reliant, due to his challenging upbringing in the slums. Also, he’s learned practical skills like cooking and cleaning and has become streetwise.

At school, Ruggie tends to look out for himself and often helps others only if he sees a benefit for himself. He’s hesitant to trust people on a personal level but is open to mutually beneficial deals if the payoff is worthwhile.


Ruggie’s background is touching. He was raised by his grandmother in a tough environment after losing his mother and father. Ruggie has a unique ability called Laugh With Me. It lets him control the movements of others by making them mimic his actions.

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Trey Clover

trey clover


Trey is tall and fair-skinned with short, dark green hair, and his features include short, side-swept bangs, thicker-than-average eyebrows, and warm hazel eyes.

He’s often seen wearing black, full-rimmed glasses and sports a small black club-shaped marking on his left cheek. Trey normally wears a clever smirk.

His uniform includes an outer jacket, a patterned vest, and a white undershirt with a scoop neck. The jacket is mostly white with a yellow trim and red underlining.


It features asymmetric black and red lapels shaped like hearts and has separate black and white checkerboard patterns on the jacket.

He wears short-length, fingerless black gloves and has yellow shoulder cords hanging from his left shoulder strap. The Heartslabyul vest can be either red or black, but Trey opts for a black one.

His pants are white with a yellow stripe running down the outer seams, and his high-top sneakers are white with black tongues, two black shoe straps, red stripes, and white laces.


His signature fedora is white with a yellow and black striped band. However, Trey is known for his laid-back and agreeable nature, often seen as a brotherly figure by his roommates.

He acts as vice house warden, playing a crucial role in keeping the peace and ensuring that Riddle doesn’t get too carried away with his punishments.

He’s always looking to calm conflicts and find compromises. While he may appear genuinely kind, his courteous demeanor is largely driven by a desire for a stress-free school life.


Trey helps others in emergencies or when he expects something valuable in return. He avoids unnecessary involvement and likes to play it safe, whether in academics or social situations.

Trey has a playful side and enjoys simple pranks. Despite his rational and level-headed nature, he’s not opposed to a bit of fun.

In addition, Trey’s ability is called Paint the Roses, which allows him to temporarily alter an object’s sensory characteristics, such as taste or smell.


He once used this spell to change the taste of a chestnut tart. In rare cases, he can even overwrite other people’s magic which renders them powerless temporarily.

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Jack Howl

Jack Howl


Jack is a tall, tan-skinned young man, considerably larger than his peers, and he’s all about self-improvement. He’s got well-defined muscles and a serious demeanor.

Jack’s characteristics include short, spiky hair that’s a light silver color, with darker gray shades closer to his neck. His golden-brown eyes and thicker-than-average eyebrows match his hair.

Jack also sports striking wolf-like traits, such as large silver wolf ears atop his head with dark gray tips, a fluffy wolf tail of the same color that fades into dark gray at the end, and sharp fangs when he bares his teeth.


In his Savanaclaw dorm uniform, Jack looks just as unique. He wears a sleeveless dark-yellow shirt with a black geometric pattern on the trim, which he tucks neatly into his jeans.

His black leather vest resembles a double-rider biker jacket with silver buttons and zippers. The jeans are a cool gray with visible creases, and he tops it off with black leather biker boots.

Jack’s outfit is completed with black short-length gloves, an orange-yellow bandana wrapped around his waist with silver rings and a brown leather tassel, and an assortment of thick beaded jewelry, including two low-hanging necklaces with colorful beads.


At first glance, Jack may seem distant and cold, preferring independence and not relying on others. He holds a strong sense of justice and is willing to go against his roommates if they attempt anything unjust, like sabotaging the Spelldrive Tournament.

However, as the story unfolds, it becomes clear that Jack cares deeply for those he considers friends, even if he doesn’t always express it directly.

He’s highly intelligent and observant, often able to deduce hidden truths about others and their abilities. Once Jack respects someone, he’s willing to go to great lengths to earn their respect in return and provide assistance in any way he can. Jack’s unique ability, Unleash the Beast allows him to transform into a massive white wolf.


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Jade Leech


Jade is a tall young man with fair skin who bears a striking resemblance to his twin brother, Floyd Leech. His short, teal-colored hair has short bangs and features one long streak of dark gray hair that frames his left side.


Jade’s eyes show complete heterochromia, with his left eye being yellow and his right eye an olive-brown. He often wears one earring on his left ear, decorated with three teal diamonds, and his eyes have an upward slant.

His typical expression is a polite smile where he reveals sharp teeth. In his Octavinelle dorm uniform, Jade maintains a dazzling appearance.

He wears a black, double-breasted suit with a lavender-gray scarf and a button-up undershirt. A white bow tie complements his outfit, and he pairs it with high-waisted black dress pants, white gloves, and a black fedora.


The suit is neatly buttoned and has purple underlining, while the lavender-gray scarf bears the symbol of Octavinelle. His costume is completed with black and white wingtip shoes with wedges, black laces, and white gloves buttoned at the wrist.

Jade is known for his generous and formal demeanor, often leaving others with the impression that he’s a humble and gentle soul. However, behind his polite smile lies a more complex character.

He can be subtle with his self-interested and shady ways that frequently harbor ulterior motives behind his actions. Also, he occasionally enjoys causing discomfort or problems for others.


His Shock The Heart ability forces a person who gazes into his left eye to tell him the truth. However, the spell has its limitations. It cannot be used on the same person more than once, and its effectiveness is not guaranteed.

Strong-willed or cautious individuals may resist its effects. It’s most successful against those with their guard down or in a state of mental vulnerability.

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Jamil Viper


Jamil is a dark-skinned young man of average height, and his striking qualities include charcoal-gray eyes that often have a subtle brown eyeshadow effect, giving the illusion of eyeliner.

He sports long, black hair that flows past his waist, most of which is tied in a low ponytail. His hair is trimmed with tight braids and small gold clips, with one large lock of hair gracefully falling beside his right eye.


The hairband for his ponytail is dark red, featuring a magenta-red gem from which a large red feather hangs. He adds dark red eyeliner to his regular makeup.

The uniform includes a covered black and red jacket with wavy gold stripes, gold trim, and a sailor-like collar with a black, wavy stripe. And a gold chain connects both sides of the jacket.

Jamil is a careful and composed individual, always striving to avoid drawing unnecessary attention. He keeps the face of an ordinary student who achieves average scores and keeps a low profile.


This persona helps him blend in and navigate social settings with ease. He’s smarter and more skilled than he appears but must hide his true capabilities due to his family’s position.

While he usually avoids the spotlight, there are moments we see his true nature. He’s passionate about dancing, particularly when teaching Floyd.

Jamil is competitive and desires acknowledgment, despite initially avoiding it, and his character grows as he resents holding back and yearns to make a name for himself.


Jamil’s unique ability, Snake Charmer, helps him hypnotize individuals to obey his commands. Those under the spell show dull, red eyes while under its influence.

This power requires a high level of magical ability and can be used on multiple people simultaneously, though it comes with the risk of rapid blot accumulation.

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