A List of Best Classes In Grim Dawn

In Grim Dawn, you’ve got a class of nine character classes to pick from, each bringing its abilities to the game. Six of these bad boys come with the base game, two stroll in from the Ashes of Malmouth expansion, and the final class struts its stuff in The Forgotten Gods expansion.

However, you’re not stuck with just one class, you get to mix and match. And If you’re into brute force, magical havoc, or something in between, Grim Dawn’s got the classes to provide for your gaming adventure.

That said If you ask me the best class to play In Grim Dawn?


  • Soldier
  • Occultist
  • Nightblade
  • Demolitionist
  • Oathkeeper

These classes are loaded with skills and abilities to havoc.

Let’s dive In.

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The Best Class In Grim Dawn

1. Soldier


Soldiers, the backbone of battle in many games, are one of the best classes you can play in Grim Dawn. They’re not flashy spellcasters or sneaky rogues; they’re the ones who charge in, swords swinging and shields raised.


In Grim Dawn, this Mastery embodies the classic warrior archetype, boasting a balanced set of stats without any fancy tricks, just good old-fashioned combat skills.

When it comes to hitting hard and facing the heat head-on, Soldiers are reliable. They might not sling spells, but they make up for it with raw physical prowess.

The Soldier’s skills are meant for dealing with punishing blows and shrugging off the enemy’s retaliation. The buffs in this Mastery are all about beefing up your physical, critical, and piercing damage.


Think of it as sharpening your sword to its deadliest and making sure every strike counts. However, it’s not all about offense; some skills enhance your recharge rate, bolster your energy reserves, and fortify your resistance. Soldiers keep your health up, ensuring you can keep swinging your weapon and standing strong in the face of danger.

2. Occultist


The Occultist in Grim Dawn is a poison and necromancer expert. If you’re into melting enemies slowly but surely, this is your class.


However, playing the Occultist is a thin between dealing with death and avoiding it. See, as you patiently wait for your curses to take effect and toxins to work their sinister magic, your foes won’t just stand idly. They’ll strike back, and that means you may find yourself taking hits before your target finally collapses.

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3. Nightblade



The Nightblade Is your class if you fancy a more hands-on, in-your-face approach to sabotage. This class excels in specialized strikes that cut through enemy armor like a hot knife through butter.

Trust me, the Nightblade is a speedster in the killing business. However, defense takes a backseat to offense. No shields here; the Nightblade compensates by rocking dual weapons, which makes it a dual-wielding dynamo.

Luckily, you’re essentially a glass cannon. A formidable attacker, but vulnerability comes with the territory. Also, the Nightblade has got a bag of tricks, literally. Traps, illusions, and even conjured blades made of pure energy.


4. Demolitionist


The Demolitionist class in Grim Dawn is all about fiery explosions and tactical devastation. This class is a fantastic choice for players who love things that go boom.

Imagine having an arsenal of bombs and projectile flames at your disposal. This class is also brilliant in melee combat. When you’re facing tougher foes, the Demolitionist has your back with area-of-effect moves that can clear the battlefield in a spirited spectacle.


What’s more, the Demolitionist not only shields you from harm but dishes out burning retaliation to anyone who dares cross your vigorous defenses.

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5. Oathkeeper



The Oathkeeper is like the Soldier, If the Soldier hits hard, the Oathkeeper cranks it to an entirely new level, due to a blend of physical attacks using both weapons and shields, all powered up by forces.

Oathkeeper has lots of stylish moves up, and they come with Area of Effect (AoE) strikes, each with some seriously potent magic. We’re talking about burning, acid, and lightning. While you’re dishing out beatdowns, the Oathkeeper lets you bolster your hero’s defenses.

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