List of Active Evertale Gift Codes

This post provides a list of working Evertale freebie codes. Evertale gift codes are alphanumeric sequences shared by the game developers as a way to distribute special rewards to players.

When these codes are redeemed, you unlock exclusive bonuses within the game like advance summon, gold coins, and many more. In all, It is just one thing, to make your gaming experience a lot more exciting.

Let’s dive In.


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List of All Active Codes

  • BNR5TOP – (NEW)
  • LKHF45T
  • IOT6E9L
  • PQR8A23
  • VBTB7T4
  • 7HQR6YJ
  • B36C94X
  • AD6F73F
  • E63J2DL
  • HJQW81T
  • 6GWXW9D
  • 6B8H2Y3
  • 20PJQDP
  • RDBB7Y8
  • 0F744AZ
  • 55AV3QT
  • X5G3NP3
  • KFB2A95
  • KG99FKV
  • H9WBZJ7
  • MM6KA88
  • 46V1WCZ
  • C7TKK8V
  • 2MF782Z
  • F1GFL19
  • KGVP30W
  • XYD947P
  • 7B8RZMP
  • 0GKGL2Y
  • 9GL3J0V
  • A530W9D
  • AA9GZ84
  • 7PKQ2JZ
  • FN8L47K
  • JZERF34
  • C225B9H
  • PW333ZZ
  • 10D36QZ
  • CCKC589
  • PLHA1C1
  • KM0L86Q
  • V2LHG55
  • T54TB72
  • EL3FY54
  • D815DR6
  • 2CBHKD2
  • MTX71H1
  • 12XYD06
  • 2G35VYL

Where To Find Updated Codes?

To keep your Evertale adventure thriving with goodies, you need to know where to scoop up those gift codes. The official Evertale social media accounts, like Facebook and Twitter, should be your top spots.


Game developers always release fresh codes there, giving you a heads-up on the latest perks. You can also dive into the Evertale community forums, where players share insights and discoveries.

Trusty community members often post active codes, creating a handy resource for code hunters. Discord channels dedicated to Evertale are also bustling with activity.

Joining these communities opens up a direct line to real-time code sharing, ensuring you’re never behind on the game’s freebies.


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How To Redeem Codes?

1. Start The Game

  • Begin the Evertale game on your mobile device.

2. Click The Profile Icon

  • On the home screen, find a small Profile icon, then click It.

3. Locate Settings And Redeem Button

  • A pop-up will grace your screen.
  • Look for the Settings and Redeem button and click it.
  • An empty text box emerges.

4. Copy-Paste Code

  • Copy and paste any of the code we’ve got lined up for you, and paste It into the text box.

5. Submit

  • Once you’ve entered the code, click on the Submit button.
  • The game will do its thing, and before you know it, you’re swimming in the rewards.

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