Lifting Simulator Script

Lifting Simulator is a fighting game made by the same people who made Man of the Year. The game is a lot like Sims and uses a similar style.

In the same way, the player can fight with other players to get the fame they need to become either a good or bad player, based on who they fight.

There are many scripts for lifting simulators, including valuable tricks like “auto lift,” “auto muscle,” and others. This post provides information about the lifting simulator script and how to use it well.

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About The Game

The player uses their weight to gain muscle and improve their maximum mass. They can then sell their muscle to earn coins, the game’s currency. With coins, the player can buy bigger, heavier, better genetics and body changes.

With enough coins, the player can finally buy a body alter to move on to the next stage. This increases the player’s life, damage, gains from weights, and speed, but it will also eliminate all the weight tools, genetics, and coins they have bought so far.

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The player’s fame is based on how they treat the famous or heroic players. The player’s fame will go up or down depending on which one they kill.

If they kill the notorious one, their fame will go up on the heroic side, and if they kill the heroic one, their fame will go down on the notorious side.

Some of the features of the lifting simulator scripts are Auto Lift, Auto Farm, Auto Quest, and Game Optimization. With these strong scripts, you can level up quickly and easily, making it easy to take over the game.

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Lifting Simulator Script

Script 1


Script 2


Rox_Hub = true



Script 3


How To Redeem Lifting Simulator Script

  • First, get a script injector that works for Roblox from our website.
  • Start the Lifting Simulator game on Roblox.
  • Copy and paste the script into the program that does the injecting.
  • Choose the process of the Roblox game and add the script.
  • Return to the game and load the new script’s user interface.

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The video game Lifting Simulator aims to make weightlifting an enjoyable way to build muscle and strength.

You may become even more formidable by lifting the simulator script, granting you free resources like power and jewels. You can venture outside the game’s safety zone with increased stamina without worrying about dying.

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