Legends Scrolls Mobile Tier List

This guide ranks every character In the Legends Scroll Into a Tier list. These characters are ranked based on their strength and abilities.

Key Point:

  • S-tier characters are the top dogs, the absolute best. If you’ve got one, make them your priority, they’re game-changers.
  • A-tier characters are also pretty dependable. If you can’t get a Tier S, these are great substitutes. They may not be overpowered, but they can handle most challenges, even in PVP.
  • B-tier characters are easy to find. They might not be the best, but they’re useful for beginners.
  • C-tier characters are just okay. They’ll do for some parts of the game, but getting them strong takes a bit of work.
  • D-tier characters sit at the bottom. Use them early on and for special occasions, but don’t expect miracles.

Let’s dive Into the list.


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Overview of Legends Scrolls Game

Legend Scrolls Is a game full of legendary heroes and non-stop action. Picking your characters is super important, it can make or break your battles, determining whether you come out on top or not.

You’re in charge of a squad of heroes, including the mysterious Cthulhu. And your mission is to Investigate some crazy otherworldly threat.


However, combine up your hero lineup to honor legends in different ways. Get your heroes geared up smartly with different battle strategies that match how you like to fight.

It’s getting dark, and weird signs are waking up the legends. Time to save innocent folks from evil. You’re the chosen one leading heroes to investigate and kick demon butt.

In addition, as you explore the game you’ll meet more characters you can recruit. Team up with warriors across the land of Adela to fight the shady darkness with your buddies and save the world from curses. Upgrade your heroes, finish quests, and climb the leaderboards to become a true legend of the land.


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Legends Scrolls S-Tier Character List

  • Izanami
  • Moses
  • Seth
  • Sphinx
  • Venus
  • Wukong

Legends Scrolls A-Tier Character List

  • Eris
  • Gabriel
  • Gaia
  • Raphael
  • Sanguinius
  • Veronica

Legends Scrolls B-Tier Character List

  • Augustus
  • Aurora
  • Berial
  • Charlotte
  • Elizabeth
  • Lian
  • Michelle
  • Poseidon
  • Roland
  • Solomon
  • Windy

Legends Scrolls C-Tier Character List

  • Ares
  • Diana
  • Hera
  • Hector
  • Laverac
  • Michael
  • Niohoggr
  • Nyx
  • Pandora
  • Tiamat
  • Tyche
  • Vladimir


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