Legend of Slime Tier List

This post provides you with a list of some of the best slimes In Legend of Smile. There are lots of Slimes In the game, and each with a special skill you can get at level 35. This skill decides which one’s the top pick.

Let’s dive In.

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Legend of Slime Tier List

SlimesUnique Abilities
AkuExplodes when enemies get close, dealing damage in a big area.
SerpineSometimes leaves a log and runs away when attacked, and the log explodes, causing damage.
AstrieSummons a thunderstorm cloud during boss fights, dealing continuous damage.
OrnisAngry chickens stomp on enemies, causing a lot of damage.
AmberA pumpkin carriage appears and throws random junk at enemies, the damage varies based on the junk type.
SantaSummons a Snowman who gives out surprise gift boxes, each dealing damage.
FarmerPlants are giant carrots that hit enemies over time, with increasing damage if reused.
KobalusGoblin watchtowers fire a rain of arrows every 8 seconds, causing massive damage.
CrobiCalls three suicide bombers from hell every 7 seconds, exploding for heavy damage.
MelissaA giant queen bee constantly flies around, dealing damage to enemies.
DevaAttacks enemies when approached, recovering a bit of health.
OsteonSummons a gigantic bone from the ground to attack, with damage ranging from moderate to extremely high.
GhostSpooky ghosts appear after each kill or 1 second, dealing damage.
MechaCombines into a powerful form every 8 seconds, bombarding enemies.
PenguinSummons bald penguins from the underworld every 7 seconds, dealing damage.
IgnisTransforms into a dragon, breathing fire every 11 seconds, dealing significant damage.
HeroThe fellowship attacks fiercely every 4 seconds, dealing heavy damage to enemies (except bosses).
BunnyTransforms into a Super Bunny every 7 seconds, dealing damage and sending enemies flying, with double damage against a single enemy.

Best Slime In Legend of Slime 

SlimeUnique Skill
BunnyTransforms into a Super Bunny every 7 seconds, unleashing a powerful attack that deals 420% of the total Companion ATK as damage. Additionally, this attack sends enemies flying. The damage is doubled if there's only a single enemy.
CrobiEvery 7 seconds, Crobi calls forth 3 suicide bombers from hell. Each bomber deals damage equal to 100% of the total ATK of all companions, creating a devastating explosive impact.
DevaDeva responds to approaching or attacking enemies by launching attacks at 200% of ATK. Moreover, these attacks contributed to the recovery of Deva's HP by 1%.
GhostGhost releases a spooky aura, dealing damage equivalent to 4% of the total companion ATK. Up to 8 ghosts can appear with each kill or after 1 second, haunting and damaging enemies.
HeroThe Hero leads the fellowship in a fierce attack every 4 seconds. This assault deals damage equal to 500% of the total Companion ATK. Notably, the damage inflicted is multiplied by 2.5 against enemies (excluding the Boss).
IgnisIgnis transforms into a mighty dragon every 11 seconds and attacks with Dragon's Breath. This breath attack deals damage equal to 450% of the total companion ATK. The damage is further multiplied by 2 when targeting the Boss.
KobalusKobalus commands the goblin watchtowers to unleash a rain of arrows every 8 seconds. These arrows deal damage equivalent to 500% of ATK, creating a formidable defensive barrage.
MelissaMelissa, the forest-type slime, features a giant queen bee that roams the sky. This majestic creature constantly deals damage equal to 15% of her companions' total ATK, providing sustained aerial support.
MechaMecha combines its components every 8 seconds, transforming into a powerful entity that bombards enemies with an attack equivalent to 250% of the total companion ATK. Notably, Mecha remains impervious to damage during this transformation.
OsteonOsteon, the Castle-type slime, summons a colossal bone from the ground to attack. The damage inflicted ranges from a minimum of 300% to a maximum of 30000%, depending on Critical Hit Damage.
PenguinPenguin, of Village type, calls 6 bald penguins from the underworld every 7 seconds. These penguins deal damage equal to 220% of the total ally ATK, creating a quirky yet effective offensive tactic.

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