Legend of Slime Legion Guide For Beginners

This is a comprehensive beginner’s guide to Slime Legion In Legend of Smile. After you beat Hard 5-10 in Legend of Slime, there’s this dungeon called Slime Legion that opens up.

Inside, you can score rings. These rings give your character all kinds of boosts. However, in each level of Slime Legion, you’ve got 15 stages.

And at every stage, you get to choose either a ring or some enhancement for your slime buddy. In this guide, you will learn about:


  • The ring options
  • Slim Legion boost options
  • How you can boost the ring
  • How you can select the best ring

And lots more.

Let’s dive In.

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How Can You Maximize Your Ring’s Power In Slime With Yellow Boosts?

If you’ve got this ring in Slime Slime, and now you’re wondering how to make it powerful, let’s talk about the ring options. These are yellow boosts that can make your ring great.

If your ring is still a baby below level 40, go for Grade Increase first. After that, pump up its attack, add some hit with Critical Damage, and sprinkle in some Companion Damage, Skill Damage, and Boss Damage for good measure.


Now, if your ring has hit the big 40, adjust It. Companion Damage is great, but Grade Increase still matters. Keep Skill Damage and Critical Damage on your radar, and don’t forget Boss Damage.

The switch at level 40 matters because before level 40, your ring is a tiny dynamo, and boosting its attack makes sense. But, as it ages, around level 60, it’s turning about 15,000% base attack. Suddenly, that 200% attack boost seems like peanuts at a feast. It isn’t worth It. Level 40 is the best area to shift gears.

Do Slime Enhancements Affect Ring Crafting Strategy?

Slime Enhancements in Slime are temporary boosts for your slime legion run which adds a touch of blue magic to your gameplay.


These boosts are there to help you push through levels during a dungeon range, but they vanish once the dungeon adventure is done.

Attack boost enhancements, specifically, are your go-to when you want a quick victory in SL stages and aim to reach higher levels for those sought-after rings.

They’re a boost button for your slime legion, speeding up your progress. However, these attack increases should never be chosen when you’re in the ring-making mindset.


They are designed for rapid pushes through levels, not for the accurate process of creating a ring. If you’re focused on obtaining those higher-level rings, SL stages are the hurdles.

That’s when you give the green light to attack boost enhancements. They act as a shortcut that helps you work through levels and advance as a slime legend.

Yet, when it comes to composing rings, it’s a different story. Attack boosts become a big no-no in this context. Rings demand a more patient and permanent approach, as opposed to the quick bursts needed for SL stage sprints.


Can You Turn Your Old Rings Into Powder For A Boost?

You can turn your old rings into powder If you have ever wondered what to do with them collecting dust in your Slime Legion inventory.

It’s more like you are recycling them. This powder is magical stuff. You can use it to enhance a ring, taking it up to level 10.

Because it gives your ring a bit of a boost, like upgrading its power. You’re improving the base stats. But hold on, before you go on a powder-spending spree, there’s a strategy.


For rings above level 60, the benefits of upgrading start with flats before that. Upgrading a lower-level ring sure goes a bit faster.

Why I say you should wait until level 60 is about longevity. Rings above level 60 become old and stick around in your inventory. Upgrading them with powder becomes more worthwhile because you’ll enjoy the boosted benefits for a longer ride.

How To The Most Powerful Ring?

Knowing which ring is powerful in Slime Legion boils down to a simple test: throw them into the boss ring and see which one leaves the boss with the least HP.


Forget about that number in the middle of your screen, not a true measure of your ring’s strength. A flashy number may make a ring seem strong, but when faced with a boss, it may be like throwing pebbles.

Numbers aside, bosses are the real judges of your ring’s power. They don’t care about displays; they care about raw power.

Testing your rings against these tough foes gives you a front-row seat to see which one stands out. You observe, learn, and adapt.


That ring with high Critical Damage may not be as impressive as you thought, while a Companion Damage-focused ring could be the silent hero you didn’t see coming. In the end, it’s not about what looks good on paper, it’s about what works on the battlefield.

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