Lake Of Nine Buried Treasure – Full Guide

The Lake of Nine is an integral part of the Norse mythology featured in the video game God of War. Located in the center of the nine realms, the lake is a vast body of water filled with secrets and treasures.

The Lake of Nine is a great place to explore and discover secrets in God of War. Whether uncovering powerful weapons or unlocking valuable artifacts, the Lake of Nine is a great place to find buried Treasure. So if you’re looking for an adventure, why not take a trip to the Lake of Nine and see what you can uncover?

What is the Lake of Nine In God of War?

Exploring the Lake of Nine can be a rewarding experience for players. Not only will they encounter powerful enemies, but they can also collect valuable artifacts and weapons.


Unlocking the Lake of Nine Buried Treasures can be challenging. Still, you can find them all with the right strategies and determination.

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You’ll need to explore the lake, fight enemies, and complete puzzles to uncover the secrets hidden beneath the lake’s depths. With some luck and skill, you’ll be able to locate all of the Lake of Nine Buried Treasures and reap the rewards.


How to Find All Lake of Nine Buried Treasures

Here are the locations for All Lake of Nine Buried Treasures:

Treasure Map 1: Demise of Dagestr

demise of dagestr

The Lake of Nine is the key to unlocking the secrets of the Demise of Dagestr, a legendary lost treasure. To find the lake, you must first go through the ruins of the Forgotten Caverns, a treacherous underground labyrinth.


Once you reach the lake, look for the symbol of the Demise of Dagestr, a ship’s wheel. Follow the mark around the lake, and you will eventually come to a secret cove.

You will find the entrance to an underground chamber where the Treasure awaits you. Bring plenty of supplies and a weapon to defend yourself from unexpected dangers.

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Treasure Map 2– Viking’s Gift

treasure map 2 - viking's gift

The lake of nine is full of secrets, one of which is the Viking’s gift. It’s in the middle of the lake, and you’ll need a boat to get there.

Make your way to the lake’s center and use your trusty axe to uncover the treasure chest. Inside you’ll find a map that will help you locate the Viking’s Gift, an item that will aid you on your journey.


Once you have the map, find the Viking’s Gift. Be sure to have plenty of supplies, as the environment around the lake can be dangerous.

Treasure Map 3: Vulture’s Gold

treasure map 3 - vultures gold

The third treasure map found in the Lake of the Nine is Vulture’s Gold. This map leads to a hidden gold hoard deep in the boglands, guarded by a giant vulture. The Treasure consists of a large chest of coins, jewelry, and several valuable artifacts.


Treasure Map 4: The Giant’s Toes

treasure map 4 - the giant's toes

The Lake of Nine’s fourth Treasure Map leads to the Giant’s Toes, located on a large island in the lake’s center. Players must use the boat they found earlier to access the island and discover the Treasure buried somewhere among the Giant’s Toes.

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Multiple enemies and obstacles will be overcome before they can uncover the Treasure. Still, it is worth it. The reward is an array of valuable items and artifacts and a powerful weapon to help Kratos on his quest.

Treasure Map 5: Under the Rainbow

treasure map 5 - under the rainbow

Buried treasure map five is under the rainbow in the Lake of Nine. It is said to contain a significant amount of riches, from gold and silver coins to precious gems and artifacts.


The map is said to be guarded by a giant serpent and a legion of draugr, so be sure to be well prepared for battle before attempting to take the Treasure.

To get to the map, you must dive into the lake and go through the underground tunnels until you see the rainbow. Once you reach the rainbow’s end, you will find the map and the Treasure it holds.

Treasure Map 6: A Scar Is Born

treasure map 6 - a scar is born


The sixth Treasure Map of the Lake of Nine leads to the A Scar Is Born location, located at the base of the southeastern shore.

This map can be found by going all the way to the left of the entrance of the Lake of Nine, just past the Cliffs of the Raven.

Here, the player must locate a scar-like structure on the side of the cliff and use their axe to break through the wall, revealing a secret chamber with the Treasure Map. Upon collecting the map, the player must take it to the central dock of the Lake of Nine and break open the chest at the end of the pier to receive the Treasure


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Treasure Map 7: Mining Glory

treasure map 7 - mining glory

The seventh treasure map in Lake of Nine can be found in the Mining Glory area. It leads to a chest hidden in the middle of the lake.


Inside, you will find a unique set of armor that can be used to equip your character. The armor is legendary in its own right, providing bonus stats and protection from attacks.

To obtain the armor, you must first solve the riddle on the map. This requires you to pay attention to the clues and explore the area for hints to the solution. With the right combination of luck and ingenuity, you can unlock the chest and claim the armor as your own.

Treasure Map 8: Fruits of Industry

treasure map 8 - fruits of industry


Treasure Map 8 leads you to Fruits of Industry at the Lake of Nine. This area is situated on the lake’s southern shore and is home to a large wooden platform containing two chests.

The first includes two pieces of a broken statue, and the second consists of a golden trident. The trident was part of a set of monuments built by a powerful group of dwarves to honor the gods of Asgard. After retrieving the trident, you can use it to interact with a nearby statue and open a secret door to a chamber full of riches.

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Treasure Map 9: Forgotten Tower

treasure map 9 - forgotten tower

The Forgotten Tower is a large tower in the lake’s center that enemies have taken over. Many enemies surround the building, so it is essential to be prepared for battle when attempting to reach the Treasure. Inside the tower is a chest containing a unique item and a rune that can be used to upgrade Kratos’ weapons.


The Lake of Nine is a beautiful and mysterious place. It contains secrets and hidden treasures that will capture any adventurer’s imagination.


The Lake of Nine is a sight with its winding paths and breathtaking views. It is a great place to explore, discover hidden riches, and take in the wonders of Norse mythology. With so much to explore and discover, the Lake of Nine will surely delight and thrill.

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