Jumping Pets Simulator Codes

We all love it when we have access to those restricted items in the game. Especially, when the game is requesting us to buy them and we can’t cough out that amount.

With the codes I will share here, you will be able to receive these freebies without buying any of the items. We have shared all the currently working Jumping Pets Simulator codes in this guide. Read through and see all the codes and how to redeem them.

Jumping Pet Simulator is one of the most played games on the Roblox platform. You can use these redeemed codes to upgrade your character and get fantastic rewards.


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Jumping Pets Simulator codes

Below is all you need to get many rewards in the game.

  • num – Enter this code to get Numerous Snowman pet.
  • Shiianah – Enter this code to get Shiianah pet.
  • RUSSO – Redeem for a free Russo Pet
  • pedro – Redeem for exclusive in-game rewards
  • update1 – Redeem for exclusive in-game rewards
  • kifi – Redeem for exclusive in-game rewards
  • puzonik – Redeem for exclusive in-game rewards
  • mendi – Redeem for exclusive in-game rewards
  • holix – Redeem for exclusive in-game rewards
  • THANKYOU – Redeem for 2x Double Coin Potion
  • 10K – Redeem for 10k Gems
  • YOSHI – Redeem for a Yoshi Pet
  • YOMAO – Redeem for exclusive in-game rewards
  • RELEASE – Redeem for 200 Gems & Coins

How to redeem Jumping Pets Simulator codes

With the steps below, you can use them to redeem all the codes shared above. The codes are case-sensitive and should be typed in as they appear.


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  • Launch Jumping Pets Simulator on the Roblox platform.
  • Tap the ‘Shop’ icon seen on the screen.
  • Navigate down to see the redemption sections and enter the code there.
  • Tap on Enter to get your reward.

Final Thoughts

Having read up to this extent, you should have redeemed many Jumping Pets Simulator codes now. These are everything you need to know about Jumping Pets Simulator.Do well to leverage these codes and come out tops in your quests in the game.



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