Is Stranded Deep Cross-Platform? ( Explained )

In this post, you will find out if Stranded Deep is cross-platform or not. Stranded Deep is an exciting survival video game created by Beam Team Games.

This game can be played on Microsoft Windows, macOS, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and even on Linux. However, Ryan has always been wondering If he and his friends can team up and conquer the challenges In the game together.

Meanwhile, In gaming, we call this “cross-platform play.” But is Stranded Deep cross-platform?


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Let’s find out.

Stranded Deep Overview

Stranded Deep is a wild adventure that throws you into a world filled with surprises. A game place where the weather changes, the sun rises and sets, and you have to build your shelter or even a raft to explore the ocean.


One of the amazing things in the game is the crafting system. You get to gather resources like a modern-day explorer and mix them to create tools and equipment.

However, you can’t carry everything in your backpack, so you need to choose wisely. In this game, you’ve got to take care of your character’s health, hunger, thirst, and sleep while facing the elements.

Thirst is significant here, and finding water can be tough. Drink too much coconut water too fast, and you might end up with a case of the runs.


But you can still build water to keep yourself hydrated. Then again, hunger is another challenge. You can munch on coconuts, go fishing, or find ready-to-eat rations.

Plus, digging sunken ships and islands can lead to some tasty surprises. Also, the ocean in the game is a bustling place. You’ll meet all sorts of sea creatures, from friendly fish to not-so-friendly sharks.

Some of these sharks can be dangerous, like great whites and hammerheads. And there are even legendary sea monsters lurking in specific places, like a megalodon shark and a giant squid.


When you start the game, your plane crashes into the ocean, but you’re saved by an inflatable lifeboat. This awesome lifeboat has a compass and some food, and you can even use it as a raft.

But watch out for strong currents and storms that can carry your raft away. However, you can also build your raft later on. You can find an abandoned aircraft carrier with a plane that you can repair and use to escape.

And there are some fun surprises too, like a volleyball named Wollie (a nod to the movie Cast Away) and a mailbox that reminds you of FedEx from the same film. You can even explore mysterious structures that look like sea forts from the real world


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Is Stranded Deep Cross-Platform?

Yes, Stranded Deep somehow supports cross-platform play, but let me explain. The game allows players on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC/Steam to join the same gaming sessions and embark on their survival adventures together.

However, it’s essential to understand that cross-platform play is not extended to console players or among different console platforms.


If you’re playing Stranded Deep on a Linux, Mac, or Windows PC via Steam, you’re in luck. These platforms share a common gaming environment, creating a bridge for players to come together.

A scenario where a friend is on a Mac, another on Linux, and you’re using a Windows PC. In this case, Stranded Deep’s cross-platform functionality comes into play, allowing you all to cooperate, build shelters, explore islands, and tackle the game’s mysteries side by side.

And for those who prefer gaming on platforms like the PlayStation 4 (PS4) or Xbox One, the cross-platform adventure gets more complicated.


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Stranded Deep does not offer cross-play between console players and those on PC, Mac, or Linux. Moreover, even within the console realm, cross-play remains unknown territory.

A player on the PS4 can’t team up with a friend on the Xbox One, and vice versa. The boundaries between console platforms are just as uncrossable as those between consoles and PCs.


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