Is GTA Cross Platform? (Explained)

GTA (Grand Theft Auto) is a highly popular action-adventure video game series that has been around for decades now. Available on multiple platforms, including PC, Xbox, and PlayStation, players can collaborate on this vast multiplayer game.

However, GTA is currently not available on PlayStation 3 and Xbox One. While many multiplayer games like Minecraft, Fortnite, and others support the cross-platform feature, does GTA support cross-platform features too? Find out in this article.

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Does GTA Online have a Cross Platform Feature?

Cross-platform play is a multiplayer game-play where gamers can play with each other regardless of the platform they’re using. For example, someone playing on a PC can play with someone using a PlayStation or Xbox, and vice-versa. So, does GTA support cross-platform?

Despite its popularity, Grand Theft Auto (GTA) does not support crossplay across different platforms. This means that players can only team up with or fight against others who are using the same platform.

That is; players on the PS5 version of the game will only come across those playing on the PS5 version, players using PC will only come across players using PC, players using the Xbox series will only come across players using the Xbox series, and so on.


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Cross Platform Future Prediction on GTA

Most online games, like Fortnite and Rocket League, added cross-play a few years after their release, hopefully, cross-play will be added to GTA in the future. However, there is still a chance that it may not be added in the future.

Additionally, rumors and leaks are suggesting that GTA 6 will feature cross-platform play, but there hasn’t been any official confirmation from Rockstar Games yet.


It’s expected to be released as late as 2024, and with the high expectations from fans, it’s unlikely that it will skip cross-gen mode. However, if it does turn out to support the crossplay feature, we’ll be the first to provide you with all the information you need

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In Conclusion

The lack of crossplay support is uncommon for a game as great as GTA, especially considering it has been released on various consoles over the years.


The expanded and enhanced versions of the game also do not support crossplay, and players with the previous-gen versions cannot play with those who have the newer versions. If you want to play with friends who have the previous-gen versions, you will need to load up the old-gen version on your Xbox Series X/S or PlayStation 5.

Despite its popularity, the lack of crossplay support in GTA 5 may be disappointing for some players, especially as more and more games introduce crossplay features. While it’s unlikely that it will be added anytime soon, there is still a small chance that it may be added in the future.

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