Is Black Ops 3 Cross-platform With Xbox, PS4, And PS3?

In this post, you will learn if Black Ops 3 is a cross-platform. Crossplay gaming means that you can play a game with people who use different gaming machines or consoles.

Suppose you have a game that works on your Xbox, but your friend has a PlayStation, and another buddy has a PC. With cross-platform gaming, all of you can still team up or compete against each other, no matter what device you’re using.

It’s like everyone speaking the same gaming language. Gamers love crossplay because it makes gaming more social. You’re not limited to playing with only your console-owning friends; you can connect with a wider community. However, let’s find out if Black Ops 3 is truly a cross-platform.


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Is Black Ops 3 Cross-platform?

Black Ops 3 is not a cross-platform game. In other words, if you’re playing on a PlayStation, your friend on an Xbox, and another on a PC, you won’t be able to team up or compete against each other within the game.

According to some stories I heard, the main reason Black Ops 3 isn’t cross-platform is because of technical limitations and differences between gaming systems.


Each gaming console and PC operates on its unique software and infrastructure. While they’re all designed for gaming, they can’t easily understand each other. Another challenge is ensuring fair play as controllers and hardware capabilities vary between platforms.

For example, some consoles might have more advanced controllers or faster processors, which could give players on those platforms an advantage.

To keep things fair and competitive, game developers often choose to keep players within their platform’s ecosystem. Not having cross-platform play in Black Ops 3 means that you’ll primarily be matched with players on the same system as you.


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If you’re on Xbox, you’ll mostly play with fellow Xbox users. While this ensures a level playing field and minimizes technical issues, it can also limit your gaming circle to those who own the same console as you.

However, there’s still plenty of fun to be had within your platform’s community. You can team up with friends who have the same console, enjoy multiplayer matches, and engage in battles without the complications of cross-platform gaming.


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