Is 7 Days To Die Cross Platform?

In this post, you will find out if 7 days to die cross-platform or not. I wouldn’t want to survive alone but with a couple of friends.

7 Days to Die is a scary video game where the story unfolds during a big war with nuclear weapons. These bombs messed up most of the world, except for one made-up place called Navezgane in Arizona.

You play as a survivor of the war, and your main job is to stay alive. To do that, you need to find safe places to hide, get food and water, and scavenge for things to protect yourself from lots of zombies.


These zombies could have come from the nuclear bombs. Right now, the game doesn’t have a specific goal other than keeping yourself alive, but the game developers have said they’re planning to add more to the story in the future.

However, In 7 Days to Die, you can play with friends on the same computer or online. You can work together or fight against each other, and you can even make your game world.

It works on consoles, Windows, and Linux, and you can choose between Survival and Creative modes for multiplayer fun. That said, let’s find out if 7 Days To Die is a Crossplay or not.


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Is 7 Days To Die Cross Platform?

Indeed, 7 Days to Die offers cross-platform play, but it’s important to understand the differences depending on the gaming platform you’re using.

For Console Players:

If you’re a console gamer, the good news is that 7 Days to Die supports cross-platform play between PlayStation and Xbox consoles.


So, if you’re using a PlayStation 4 or the newer PlayStation 5, you can join forces with your friends who are armed with Xbox One consoles.

In 7 Days to Die, console players can connect their forces, regardless of their console allegiance. This cross-play compatibility between consoles is a significant step forward in the gaming world. It enables players to link and engage in multiplayer experiences without being limited by the gaming console they own.

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For PC Players:

However, if you’re playing 7 Days to Die on a PC, the cross-platform is quite different. PC players are restricted to playing with other PC players only.

Unfortunately, cross-play between PC and console gamers is not supported. So, if you’re on a computer, you won’t be able to join your friends who are gaming on consoles, and vice versa.

The reason behind this distinction is rooted in the logistical challenges of cross-platform compatibility. Consoles have standardized hardware and software configurations, making it relatively brief for developers to implement cross-play features.


PCs, contrarily, come in a wide array of configurations, with different hardware and software setups. This diversity can introduce complexities in ensuring a seamless cross-platform experience.

While it might be disappointing for PC players who want to team up with their console mates, this separation provides a more consistent gaming experience for all.

It prevents potential issues arising from hardware disparities and allows developers to focus on optimizing gameplay for each specific platform.


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​Key Notes:

  • For console players (PS4/PS5 and Xbox One), cross-platform play is fully supported, allowing for seamless interaction between players on different console brands.
  • For PC players, cross-platform play is limited to fellow PC gamers; you won’t be able to join or invite friends who are on consoles.

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