Injustice 2 Mobile Tier Lists

This post provides a list of the best characters In Injustice 2. These are the best, and the most powerful characters with the incredible abilities to improve your adventure. However, here are the Injustice 2 mobile best characters:

  • Batman
  • Black Adam
  • Catwoman
  • Deadshot
  • Doctor Fate
  • Starfire
  • Wonder Woman

Let’s learn about their amazing abilities.

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1. Batman


Batman has the remarkable ability to improve the critical attack chance for his entire team. That means more powerful hits, more damage, and a higher chance of victory.

However, Batman’s utility belt is packed with all sorts of gadgets, and they’re not just for show. His gadgets can stun opponents, leaving them helpless and unable to counter your attacks. Also, he can tackle his enemy with a gadget that hoists them into the air.


2. Black Adam

Black Adam

This guy is a real game-changer with abilities that revolve around power manipulation. Black Adam can release relentless barrages of lightning attacks.

He’s like a walking storm, destroying his foes with devastating strikes that can leave them in ruins.  His ranged abilities and mastery of power manipulation make him one of the deadliest characters you can have on your side.


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3. Catwoman


Catwoman is a force to be reckoned with, and her moves are all about being quick on her feet. She’s got two special moves that can tear through her opponents.


First up, we have the Cat’s Tail. It’s like a whip that lets her strike from a distance, making it perfect for dealing damage without getting too close to the action.

So, if you prefer to keep your enemies at bay, this move’s got your back.Catwoman also has the Cat Dash ability. She dashes in, producing a flurry of quick and powerful attacks.

4. Deadshot



What makes Deadshot one of the best characters is his sharpshooting skills. He can quickly fire his gun, launching a projectile at his foes.

However, If you use the meter burn after shooting, Deadshot takes it up a notch and fires even more rounds. It’s like turning his gun into a rapid-fire machine, giving you more damage and a better shot at taking down your opponents. Then after this move, he can either step forward or back, adding a strategic element to his attacks.

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5. Doctor Fate

 Doctor Fate

Doctor Fate’s basic ranged attacks are something special. He can hit his foes from a distance, which is handy for keeping enemies at bay while you deal damage.

Doctor Fate has this fantastic ability called Chaining. He’s a master of linking his attacks together, making his combos pack a punch.


Doctor Fate has a passive ability that reduces the cost of his special powers. He can use his super moves more often, turning the tide of battle in your favor.

6. Starfire


Starfire can move around the battlefield with great agility, and from a distance, she can launch a wide range of powerful attacks. Her character power is all about those signature Starbolt beams.


These are like her calling card. When she activates her character power, those Starbolts start flying, attacking from a distance, and extending her combos.

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7. Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is a character who’s a perfect combination of offense and defense. When she’s In your team, she boosts the attack power for your whole team.


However, she has a special advantage when facing male opponents. She can use her shield to not only defend herself but also reflect some of the damage back at her attacker.

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