Incubus City Cheats

incubus city cheats

Incubus City may not pack many gamers like some games out there. But it is still one of the most enjoyed games amongst gamers; that’s why the need for this cheat. Incubus City was developed by Wape in 2021, it’s a textbased erotic game. In the game, players play the role of the monster, crawling all night searching for unsecured ladies to impregnate.

The game has some unique abilities like enhanced strength and hypnotism. You can also recruit, marry, or enslaves ladies in Incubus City.

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There are over 19 beginnings and 22 endings and also non-linear multiple paths in the Incubus path. The game graphics resolution is great and well for a text-based game. It has lavished and seductive designs as its game concept – erotic connote.

You’re to start the game with some amount of money which can be increased based on what you do. The money is utilized to buy different in-game items to improve your gaming experience.

Suppose you don’t want to grind hard to obtain cash and other rare items to improve your gaming experience. We have provided some cheats to enable you to make the game easier.

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Incubus City Cheats

There are many Incubus City cheats on the internet, both the latest releases and expired cheats. But we have sieved out the expired codes and provided you with authentic working cheats. Ensure to type in these codes as they appear because they’re casesensitive.

  • Ebeneezer – gain $5555
  • Wimpy – lose $5555
  • Pauper – Sets money to $1
  • Mortimer – add 4 days
  • Pepsi – get drugs
  • Sarge – get a keycard
  • Skuggs – get chemical
  • Jill – get the lockpick
  • Lappy – get a laptop
  • Mairon – get a ring
  • Bueller – get a car
  • Gonzo – get Dreamochrome
  • Tinman – get a token box
  • Quatermain – get a red dossier
  • Taverner – get Callisto parasite
  • Verhoeven – get Black Book
  • Hoarder – get Lockpick, Keycard, Chemical, Drugs, Ring, Slave, Gear, Gun, Car, and
  • Laptop
  • Minimalist – lose the above items
  • Apex – unlock a lot of endings
  • Wape – unlocks first 14 endings, and activates ‘debug mode.’
  • Ape – de-activates debug mode
  • Ender – go to ending selector (its effect is like using Dreamochrome)
  • Memento – reset all girl states (its effect is like using Callisto parasite)
  • Librarian – This opens the game gallery and you can complete hints tables.
  • Gate – find midnight fence. There is no need to grind a 1% initial encounter rate.
  • Endless – This will relock all your endings suppose you want to enjoy to unlock items.
  • No Wives – relock all wives also
  • No Tokens – really?? This will make you start the game afresh.

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Stats Incubus City Cheats

  • Lothario – +22 Sex XP
  • Gatsu – +22 Brutal XP
  • Mentok – +22 Hypno XP
  • Asmodeus – +22 Incubus XP
  • TESTY – +122 Sex, Hypno, and Incubus XP. +$2000, you will receive the Wedding Ring also.

Additional Incubus City Cheats

  • Chamberlain – Will Sets you to the “harem” playstyle and adds Director O, Princess Falia, Joy Smith, Kia, Lucine, and Your Wife to it.
  • Kaiser Pillhelm – Will remove all birth pills from your daughters.
  • Super Mario – Skips directly to the Princess Falia event.

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  • Haramaster – Sets your mother as raped and seduced.
  • Revenge – +10 Love and Rape Score, Sets Brutal and Hypno Skills, add $1500 money and will move you to the Tony Revenge event.
  • Wacist – Unlocks the ability to modify race terms (for Raceplay), located in the Pseudonym area.
  • Trader Joe This code will skip to the alley trade event (Broken at the moment).
  • Suleiman – Skips to the Emperor start (Broken at the moment).

Wrapping Up

Above are all the currently working Incubus City cheats to utilize and streamline your gameplay. We hope you enjoy your game further.

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